Lake Tahoe weekend without the lake

Hey hey, how are you all? Hope everything is going fab-u-lous-ly!

Following last week’s rarer “serious” posts, I’m happy to say that things have been looking up. I’ve been in a better mood and really focusing on tackling my things-to-make-me-happy-list, and a little is going a long way. I’ve been catching up with friends, focusing on other goals, and it was a treat to end the week with jumping in the car and heading off to Lake Tahoe for the weekend.

Yes, yes…another trip to Tahoe. This was my 5th one in a year! Julia, Rahul and I wanted to squeeze in one last weekend trip before cold weather kicks in in that area, and so we headed off with another new friend, Nick and Julia’s doggie, Jackpot, for a weekend getaway!

We left pretty late on Friday and headed back to the city on Sunday, and so Saturday was the main event (isn’t it crazy that all these California weekend trips are basically for one day of fun?), so I’ll just go through the day’s events:

I was up first on Saturday morning and got straight to chillaxing. I read Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime (super interesting and a fast read!), sipped my hot coffee, took a walk outside, and spent some cuddle-time with Jackpot.

When the others were up, we made some breakfast in the cabin and then drove off to the Tahoe Rim Trail for a day of hiking. It was too cold to do water stuff at the lake which a little disappointing, but it gave us time to do a longer, 7-mile hike. The Tahoe Rim Trail actually led to another lake called Dardanelles Lake – I figured I had seen Lake Tahoe so many times so why not experience one of the surrounding lakes (which there are a ton of!)

The trail started off with a really neat, open meadow. Super scenic. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in the Spring with fresh grass.

We took our time on the trail. The scenery was really unique – unlike the other Tahoe hikes I’ve done. There was a more Yosemite-like feel to it. We slowly but surely made our way on the trail, chatting away the entire time.

Finally, we make it to Lake Dardanelles! I was really impressed with the beauty of the lake. It was not crowded at all like Tahoe usually is, and you could actually see the mountains and trees surrounding it since the lake was smaller.

We took a break and ate lunch and enjoyed the views. The guys even jumped into the water (eek!)

After lunch, we hiked back the same way we came. We all agreed the hike was absolutely perfect in distance, difficulty, and what we were in the mood for. Afterwards, we were all the perfect mix of rejuvenated and exhausted after the 7-miler. We went back to the cabin, cleaned up, threw back some beers, and then Uber-ed to State Line for dinner. We ended up at an Irish pub and exhaled a few hearty, well-deserved dishes.

The night ended drinking some more and playing board games in the cabin. Overall, I’m glad I got out of the city for one last weekend excursion with this crew. Now it’s actually time to enjoy fall in SF and settle down a bit 🙂

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