My version of Disneyland + branching out + goodbye Whitney!

What’s up! This past week was a busy, productive one. The main event of the week was running the SF Half Marathon over the weekend! It was so much fun and one of the highlights of my summer so far; I’ll have a full race recap for you guys later this week šŸ™‚

Despite being on the go this past week, there were lots of things sprinkled in here and there with friends. We kept things on the low-key side, but still have some fun things to share:

First off, me + Kim + Sophie + their new roommate, Lily, went to yoga on Thursday! I absolutely loved adding friends to the mix from my usual solo workouts. Kim and I couldn’t stop laughing at each other the whole time as we tried to figure out some new poses. We had so much fun I have a feeling we’ll be making this a more common thing šŸ™‚


Now for the weekend!

Saturday: race expo + productive day + catching up with friends

My body woke me up at 7:30am on Saturday, which meant going to my favorite coffee shop in the Marina bright-and-early for some me time and to get some work done.


Then I was off to the SF Marathon race expo. Is it just me or are race expos basically like Disney Land for people? I just love going from booth to booth trying free samples and checking out the latest running gear/technology. šŸ˜› Grabbing my bib felt so crazy…I can’t believe this was actually happening!



Best part of the expo…I ran into DEAN KARNAZES! Dean is the best ultra runner in the world – he once ran 350 miles without sleep AT ONCE. I read all his books and he’s an absolute inspiration. In person, he’s just like any other guy – sweet and approachable as he was working a booth in the expo. It made my day.


After the expo, I grabbed some lunch with two of Phil’s U Michigan friends I met last week during his visit. The three of us hit it off last weekend that we decided to meet up again. I’ve been loving how much branching out has been happening this summer with new friends here and there – these guys were hilarious and easy to talk to. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other šŸ™‚


Then some more productiveness afterwards at my secret spot, the Kava Lounge šŸ™‚

For dinner, I met up with Sarah for some yummy sushi. We both had so much to share with each other from the past few weeks that we stayed at the restaurant for hours! Perfect low-key evening before hitting the hay at 9pm before the early race tomorrow…


Sunday: half marathon + goodbye Whitney!

Sunday started off with a casual half marathon šŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to recap this for you later this week. The reader’s digest version is that it went swimmingly and I truly enjoyed every mile from start to finish. šŸ™‚


After a shower and nap, it was time for Whitney’s goodbye festivities. Whitney is leaving for med school this week, and this was the last time our crew could get together and send her off.

First, brunch at Chubby Noodle. They have a 1.5 hour special of unlimited dim sum and drinks…YES PLEASE!


After our group was well-fed and boozed up, we kept the party going at Palm House in the Marina. We were ambitious and ordered a punch bowl to share šŸ˜›


The entire afternoon was a emotional one: lots of happiness and laughter being with some of my favorite people, and of course, one of my best friends in the world, Whitney. But also nostalgia and sadness knowing that this was one of the last times we’d be together.


We ended the festivities at Bar None, a more ratchet bar in the Marina that basically takes you back to college: air hockey, beer pong…we had a blast playing game after game and even linking up with another group to play flip cup.



I had dinner later on with J-Kai, my new friend from the Lake Tahoe trip two weeks ago. Before going, me and Whitney said our goodbyes…lots of hugs, kisses, and tears. This was one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever had to go through. It’s hard to imagine a life in SF without Whitney…but I’m grateful for the amazing year we had together. I know we’ll love each other and be there for each other no matter where we are, like best friends do. ā¤

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