Finally committing…my next race!

Hello to YOU and to the July 4th holiday ahead!!!

I wanted to drop by this lovely Friday because I won’t have much time to blog this next week or so since my B.F.F. Michelle and I are going off on our Highway 1 road trip! She flies in this evening and we have this weekend in SF before we are hittin’ the road. I am BEYOND excited to get loads of quality time with my best friend + drive down the beautiful coastal scenery on the 1 + eat LOTS of yummy food in LA + beach time in San Diego + and more!

But this post is actually to tell y’all that I am FINALLY committing to running the SF Half Marathon on July 29th! I know I’ve been all over the place with my confidence going up and down like a yo-yo, but this week I had some good hard workouts, including an 8-miler this morning which went swimmingly, and it really gave me the boost I needed to finally register.

Even though July is going to be absolutely CRAZY with this road trip next week + Lake Tahoe the weekend after + “summer busy season” at work + potentially starting to study again (ugh…), I’m confident that I’ll be able to balance it all and make room for this half marathon. A few more long runs under my belt and I should be good to make it to the start line. Soo excited to run this race for a second year in the row!! 🙂



Have an AMAZING weekend and July 4th y’all!!

2 thoughts on “Finally committing…my next race!

  1. Sooo jealous of your trip. The drive on PCH is one I’ve done many times and it never gets old. My fave town is Cambria. Check out Nitwit Ridge if you’re looking for something off the beaten path.

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    1. thank you for the rec, lillian! we’ll definitely try and stop by. so excited too, I hear so many great things about this roadtrip.


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