Finally committing…my next race!

Hello to YOU and to the July 4th holiday ahead!!!

I wanted to drop by this lovely Friday because I won’t have much time to blog this next week or so since my B.F.F. Michelle and I are going off on our Highway 1 road trip! She flies in this evening and we have this weekend in SF before we are hittin’ the road. I am BEYOND excited to get loads of quality time with my best friend + drive down the beautiful coastal scenery on the 1 + eat LOTS of yummy food in LA + beach time in San Diego + and more!

But this post is actually to tell y’all that I am FINALLY committing to running the SF Half Marathon on July 29th! I know I’ve been all over the place with my confidence going up and down like a yo-yo, but this week I had some good hard workouts, including an 8-miler this morning which went swimmingly, and it really gave me the boost I needed to finally register.

Even though July is going to be absolutely CRAZY with this road trip next week + Lake Tahoe the weekend after + “summer busy season” at work + potentially starting to study again (ugh…), I’m confident that I’ll be able to balance it all and make room for this half marathon. A few more long runs under my belt and I should be good to make it to the start line. Soo excited to run this race for a second year in the row!! 🙂



Have an AMAZING weekend and July 4th y’all!!

2 thoughts on “Finally committing…my next race!

    1. thank you for the rec, lillian! we’ll definitely try and stop by. so excited too, I hear so many great things about this roadtrip.


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