One of the best days of my life

Hey ya’ll! Just a mid-week check in here. I thought that one of the best days of my life deserved its own post (not exaggerating, it really was one of the best days), and that was Monday…


I never thought this day would come. This was a big one since I now have all the requirements to be an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society (ACAS), aka I earned a formal title, aka I can FINALLY put some letters after my name ;). This is NOT my last exam for my fellowship, but it’s sooo gratifying to finally have something to show after five years of hard work.


It was such an emotional day for me…I didn’t realize how much I was repressing my stress about my results until I saw the words “pass”, and I literally EXPLODED in tears like a dynamite. I’ve never experienced that before: going from 0 to pure-and-utter ecstasy and gratefulness, all in a split second. I’ve been wanting this so badly and working at this for so darn long and the day was finally here.

I immediately had flashbacks to all my time spent and sacrifices made, sitting in the exam room feeling like my heart was going to explode, times I called my mom in tears needing a pep talk, all my prayers to God, successes along the ways, and a few crushing failures too…it was all so worth it for this one moment of feeling so unbelievably proud of myself.

My brother and sister are the best. They immediately sent me sweet videos congratulating me. I love my family so much; we share each other’s ups and downs – they have been with me this whole journey. I only wish I was with them in person to celebrate ❤



Even though it was a Monday night, Anna, Whitney and Ana were sweet enough to come out and celebrate with me! As if my day could get any better 🙂


I’ve been smiling all week just thinking about this. What a highlight to my entire year (and adult life)…I really don’ t know how I got so lucky with all the blessings I have. ❤

Have a great one, my friends!!!!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “One of the best days of my life

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Girlie!!!!!! You worked so hard for this. I knew you would pass since being a nerd seems to be a family trait. 🙂 I grinned so hard when I read this. Yippee!!!!


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