A girl’s night and guy’s night + hiking in Mill Valley + do free trials work? + 7 active days!

Happy Monday, friends!

Another week that went by in a blink of an eye. Weekdays were pretty low-key last week; the main event to report is that I officially booked a solo trip to Thailand in May!! I’ll be taking off for 3 whole weeks right after my Spring exam. This will be the longest trip I’ve taken since my summer Europe trip after college, and my longest solo trip yet! It is SUCH a boost in happiness-level to have something to look forward to, especially with the study grind to come over the next 2.5 months.


Now for the weekend… ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday: yoga + wine night-in with the girlsย 

I’ve been getting into a Friday yoga habit and am so loving ending the work week this way. On Friday, I tried out a 90-minute power yoga class at Yoga Tree in Hayes Valley. The instructor was super energetic and hilarious and even had us singing along to some songs :P.

Side note: I never thought that companies’ “free trials” worked on anyone but I have officially been succumbed to one – I’ve been using Class Pass’s free trial over the past month and am HOOKED. I can’t imagine NOT having these weekly yoga classes anymore and will definitely be continuing with Class Pass, ha! Do these free trials work on you guys?

Later on in the evening, I headed over to Princess’s apartment in Nob Hill to have a wine girls with her and her roommates (Whitney+Wevine). We originally planned to go to a wine bar but ended up not being able to rally…and so we decided to bring the wine bar to us ;). The night can be described in two words: nonstop laughter. I went through tissues upon tissues wiping my tears of laughter over our hilarious conversation and girl talk. I love these girls so much and being with them instantly brings my spirits up โค

Saturday: morning hike in Mill Valley + Drake vs. Kanye night

I woke up on the early side and had a few productive hours of Thailand planning + organizing my room before meeting up with Julia and Rahul to drive up to Mill Valley for a hike. First stop – Julia’s house to pick up her dog, Stella ๐Ÿ™‚


We hiked the Blithedale Trail, a 4-mile moderate trail with a roller-coaster of rolling hills. Definitely kept us on our toes. The best views were early-on in the trail as we faced opposite of Mount Tamalpais.

IMG_4086 (1).jpg

The second half of the trail had the shady, woodsy trails that I so love. Can you spot Stella? ๐Ÿ™‚


Rahul was inching for a trail run so he went ahead, giving me and Julia some one-on-one time.


After the hike, we had some lunch at Julia’s house and then relaxed outside while walking around the town of Mill Valley. We grabbed some ice cream and enjoyed the relaxing vibes after the hike.ย Then, Julia stayed up in her hometown while Rahul and I drove back to SF, giving us some lovely one-on-one time as well.

At night, it was time to get ready for a Drake vs. Kanye dance-party at Mezzanine. Anna was out of town this weekend, and so it was the first time hanging with just the guys for once.

Ben and I started off at The View which was one of the few rooftop bars in SF.


Even though triple-dates with Ben and Anna are my absolute favorite, it was so nice getting some quality time with just Ben on Saturday since that rarely happens.


We got to Mezzanine and Karan and Viggy eventually joined us. The night turned out to be such a blast with quality music. I think it was safe to say that Drake won the battle that night :).


Sunday: morning trail run + dinner with Julia

Sunday started off on the slow side as I had one-too-many drinks the night before. As I did my usual hangover remedy, I solidified plans with a new pal, Kevin (friend of Julia’s), for a trail run together.

We decided to meet on the Lyons Street steps which are a long series of steps that basically go up the entire elevation SF and have killer views at the top. Funny enough, Kevin was waiting at the bottom while I was waiting at the top! It took a while to finally meet up but I was grateful that he decided to meet me up there ๐Ÿ˜›


We decided to run in the Presidio trails. Kevin’s a super speedy one and so I was thankful that he ran at my pace the entire time. I usually don’t run with others but this run reminded me of how fun it is to have someone talking next to you. Time flew by and before we knew it, we covered 6 miles.

18ACD8C3-8B1C-47F7-98EF-96304EB82FD8 (1).jpg

Then, Kevin and I stretched + got some coffee, and I went home for a much needed lunch and nap. The rest of the afternoon, I was in my pajamas and topped off season 4 of Transparent (highly recommend the show). Around 7pm, Julia spontaneously asked to get dinner together with her friend that was in town, and so I headed over to meet up – have I mentioned how much I love living so close to her and Rahul now?



I realized I haven’t really been sharing my weekly workouts with you guys. This is a running blog after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ and so I’ll start that again at the end of my posts even though I’m training for anything in particular right now.

Most of my weeks have been filled with 3-4 running workouts, 1 swimming workout, and 1 yoga class, give or take. This week was the first time I had 7 active days in a row!

Monday: 4 miles (9:45 pace)

Tuesday: 5 miles (9:45 pace)

Wednesday: 40 minutes of lap swimming

Thursday: 6 miles (9:34 pace)

Friday: 90 minutes of power yoga

Saturday: 6 mile hike

Sunday: 6 miles on the trails with Kevin

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