Snow Globe Music Festival (including a video!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I’m back from an epic new year’s weekend where I attended Snow Globe, a 3-day outdoor EDM festival in the heart of Lake Tahoe. All of my closest friends from SF were there and I could not have ask for a more perfect way to end 2017.

We were in Tahoe for three days, and each day went pretty much the same. And so, instead of recapping day by day, I think the best way to talk about this weekend is through lots and lots of pictures, followed by a video at the end 🙂

Mornings were pretty lazy. We cooked breakfast in our cabin, watching Netflix, and relaxed in the hot tub.



We ventured out into town one day – it’s not a trip to Lake Tahoe without seeing the lake. This was my second time in Tahoe and it’s quite the view during winter (look at those mountains!)


After a relaxing morning, it was time to get ready for the festival. I was so excited to wear some crazy-colored make up and tack on glitter/face jewels galore.

IMG_3897 (1).jpg

Anna and I had fun playing dress up and changing our outfits each day. We wore our most colorful, furry, outrageous party outfits, all while staying warm in the 40-degree weather!


6F1E7873-7C39-419A-9DA7-90459E1E24AA (1).jpg

Boy’s shot 🙂


Then it was time to pump up some music and pregame. Ben poppin’ bottles.



Then we were off to the festival!! Snow Globe was SO beautiful during the day, surrounded by tall trees, fun tents, and colorful art. We hopped around the different stages to catch our favorite artists.




We met some new friends too and became quite the fun group!


Karan found this mask and wore it the entire third day…


Thank GOD for the tents filled with pillows and blankets to relax in – much needed after hours of dancing.


Snow Globe at night was even more epic. I loved the concept of raving outside in the winter. The light shows from the stages + all the energy felt so surreal. Although pretty chilly, all the crowds and dancing kept us warm 🙂



I saw so many of my favorite artists: Porter Robinson, Jai Wolf, Madeon, Quinn XCII. Also saw some new ones that I will definitely be listening to after!


Fireworks at midnight on the new year. Absolute perfection.


And for your viewing pleasure…here is a video recapping the entire weekend 🙂

I am so so grateful for every moment this past weekend. I’ve never ended the year on a happier note than this one. 2017 was such a wonderful year for me: moving across the country in May, meeting new friends with a trip to Lake Tahoe for July 4th, and bringing it full circle by ending the year with the same crew where it all began <3. I’m definitely excited for another year with these wonderful people .

I wish you all a happy new year!!

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