Weekend with the fam + Friendsgiving dinner

Hello, hello! Happy Thanksgiving week! This is my first year ever not spending Thanksgiving with my family in upstate New York, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m missing my family like crazy this week. Luckily I had my other “fam” here in California to ring in Thanksgiving with this past weekend before we all go our separate ways for the actual holiday.

Friday: generosity from new friends

Friday was pretty low key as I met up with Vijay – I hadn’t seen him in forever and sure missed him! We caught up over beers at Upcider in Pac Heights along with two of his friends, Julia and her boyfriend Rahul. We instantly hit it off and Julia ended up invited me over to her mom’s house in Marin for Thanksgiving dinner! I didn’t have any plans for Thursday yet and was getting a little anxious about spending Thanksgiving alone, and so I was so beyond touched that she was so generous and inclusive to invite me. I’m so excited to meet Julia’s family and spend the holiday with some new friends ❤

Saturday: long run + spontaneous bar crawl on Polk

Saturday I had 20 miles on the plan, and so that took ALL DAY. After finishing up, it was already 4pm! I was just going to take it easy that night, but then Viggy hit up the fam and got us all together for an early evening bar crawl. Anna was in LA and so I got to spend some quality time with the boys.

IMG_2807 (1).jpg

I was absolutely STARVING after the long run and so we stopped between almost each bar so that I could grab food ;). Perfect way to celebrate finishing.


The whole night felt so carefree and spontaneous. We stopped by where-ever we wanted, drinking along the way, and ended up venturing all the way to FiDi. It’s never a boring time with these guys. The night ended early back at the guys’ apartment where we watch Judah Friedlander’s new stand up special (which I 100% recommend to anyone with Netflix. Funniest set I’ve seen in a LONG time).

Sunday: Friendsgiving dinner

The highlight of the weekend was Sunday’s Friendsgiving dinner. I woke up early to go grocery shopping get a-cookin’! I made mac’ and cheese and mashed potatoes – two easy but filling vegetarian sides 🙂


Ben organized the entire shindig at his apartment in the Richmond which we do not venture out to nearly enough. It’s such a spacious and homey place; perfect spot to turn on football and enjoy our family dinner!


It was the perfect evening with my favorite people in SF. Anna got back from her trip just in time to join us. It was nice to liven up our usual Sunday night football with a nice meal we all contributed to. This was one of the last times I would be spending with the fam before leaving for the the east coast for all of December. Time is flying, but we are all so excited to end the year together on our New Years Eve trip to Tahoe ❤


I hope you all have a fun and delicious Thanksgiving with the ones you love most!!


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