Carefree friday + mirror maze triple date + ocean beach picnic

On the life front, work is keeping my busy busy and friends are keeping me happy happy. This was one of those weekends that left me recharged mentally/emotionally but completely drained physically…I think running a half marathon may have had something to do with it 😉

Friday: hair cutting party + unexpected night out 

The weekend started off with a little happy hour that I organized to celebrate the end of Fall exams. It was so nice to see my coworkers outside of the office and catch up over cocktails at Novela. I’ve come to really love the small office culture in SF and how tight-knit us actuaries are 🙂

Afterwards, I headed to Janice’s to help cut her hair. Ever since cutting Anna’s hair a few weeks ago, word has spread quickly in our girl group about my secret talent, and now people are lining up for them! Despite having a few drinks in my system, I surprisingly gave one of the best cuts I’ve ever done :P.


After Janice’s hair makeover, we caught up over tacos and watching Insecure – last time I’ll being seeing her in two months (we are both travelling all over until our New Years trip together!)

I headed over to see Viggy, Karan and Matt at their apartment afterwards. I originally planned on just stopping by before calling it an early night, but Viggy convinced us all to go out. It turned out to be SUCH a fun night in the Marina – we had no plans and it felt so carefree spontaneously hopping from bar to bar. Being with these guys instantly put me in a good mood.


Saturday: bib pick up+ mirror maze + touristy evening

The half marathon on Sunday meant no long run on Saturday, and so I slept in until noon for the first time in a very long time.  It was glorious.

After a slow start to the morning, I headed to Fisherman’s Wharf to pick up my race bib – it was SO nice to have the expo and race start only a 20 minute walk from my apartment.


The expo was outdoors and right by the water with great vendors. I spent longer than expected pursuing around the booths.


Then it was time to meet Ben and Anna for our triple date :). Ben found a mirror maze for us to do. We had never done one before and it ended up being the best $3 spent. It was actually really difficult [for me] to figure out what were reflections and what was “real.” I ended up trailing closely behind Ben the whole time, just to find 3 more Bens spring up out of nowhere! Mind blown.



After the dizzy-ing maze, we headed back outside to Pier 39 and had a lovely evening as tourists. We watched the famous seals at the pier and took a walk all the way back to the Marina at sunset. So relaxing and beautiful.


Tagging along with mom and dad ❤


The evening ended with the three of us making a pit stop at Karan’s apartment, and then me heading home early to eat some carb-heavy dinner and sleeping early.

Sunday: half marathon + ocean beach picnic

Sunday started bright and early at 5:30am to run the awesome Golden Gate Half Marathon. Look out for my full race recap soon!!!


I had so much adrenaline and energy from the race afterwards I didn’t even need a nap! I cleaned up, ate a small lunch, and then gathered the fam and everyone together for an Ocean Beach picnic. We originally aimed to have a bonfire, but last minute discovered it was no-burn season and opted for a picnic instead.

It was a chilly afternoon on the beach, but the sun was out and everyone brought something to share. It ended up being a quintessential, lazy Sunday in SF with lots of good vibes ❤




Watching the sunset on Ocean Beach is my absolute favorite. There is no better spot in SF to catch the sun slowly setting.



Several of our friends joined us as the evening went on. So many of my closest friends I wouldn’t have met without Scott. He was my one and only friend when I first moved to SF – five months later and look how much has changed!


A picnic on beach was the PERFECT way to end an already wonderful weekend. Definitely starting this week on a high note ❤

3 thoughts on “Carefree friday + mirror maze triple date + ocean beach picnic

    1. Thank you Elle! Definitely got my excited for CIM. Are you still running that by the way? We should definitely coordinate meeting each other!


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