Another one down + perfect celebration weekend feat. RL Grime+ week 7 of marathon training

Kicking off this post with some very good news: I passed another actuarial exam!!! It’s so SO nice to have another one down and to be done with exams for the rest of the year 🙂


One of the highlights this past week was seeing my favorite spoken-word poet, Sarah Kay, perform live at Grace Cathedral. She has an AMAZING Ted Talk that got me hooked on spoken word poetry, and when Princess found out that she was performing in SF, we jumped at the opportunity. She is even more down-to-earth and charming in person, and it was such a treat to see her live this week!


On Thursday, I also got together with the girls to celebrate one of our girlfriend’s birthday. It was the perfect way to wind down and relax the night before my exam. Needless to say, the weekend started off on a very high note after passing the test on Friday morning. So let’s jump into talking about all the fun shenanigans from this past weekend 🙂

Friday: happy alone time

After passing my exam on Friday, I had absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the day. And so I decided to be completely selfish and do anything and everything my heart desired. I treated myself to a yummy lunch and some shopping. Followed by chilling at the kava tea bar with a new book. Absolute bliss ❤


From the tea bar, I took a walk all the way to Corona Heights which is a lovely little park with amazing views of SF. The sun was setting and all the relaxation was sinking in. During it, I had this moment when I just felt so grateful. I know I have been unusually lucky these past few months. My life has felt so easy lately. Even the hard days have been pretty easy…I definitely don’t take any moment for granted, and I was just so happy to have the time and freedom to adventure off on my own like this.


The night ended with watching Rush Hour 2 with lots of ice cream and sleeping early. Seriously the perfect day.

Saturday: RL Grime concert  + funnest family night yet

I woke up early on Saturday for the weekly long run. I had 15 miles on the plan which is always an intimidating one since it’s the first run longer than a half marathon. I was pretty unprepared for it, physically and mentally. I felt my foot getting slightly injured (new shoes are already in the mail) and not sure if it was the residual exam stress or what, but my body was just not ready for 15 miles. I stopped almost every mile for a walking break, and by mile 9 I threw in the towel and said I would try this again next week.

It was not a great feeling to mark this long run incomplete, especially after my high two weeks ago when I [prematurely] celebrated completing every single run so far in the training plan, but as runners we can’t be too hard on ourselves for the bad days. I’m staying positive that good runs are coming up and that this incomplete week is not the end of the world!

After a relaxing afternoon, it was time to get ready to meet up with a bunch of friends (including the entire fam) for the RL Grime concert!! We all bought tickets a while back and were so looking forward to this highlight of the month.


The concert itself was SO. MUCH. FUN. We all had our guards down and completely let loose to the trap music and danced away.



It ended on the early side and so the fam all migrated to a club afterwards to continue the fun. I can’t believe just a few months ago we were all strangers to each other, and now this group is literally like brothers and sisters to me. The whole night ended in the guy’s apartment in the Marina as usual. We chilled and unwinded by the water – Karan even got in his wetsuit and took a dip!


Seriously one of the funnest nights I’ve ever had.

Sunday: low-key Sunday outdoors + football 

Sunday was filled with my favorite things. Relaxing outside by the water and grass right here in the Marina. Followed by Sunday night football with the fam…<3. The entire weekend was so wonderful from beginning to end and the perfect celebration after the past few weeks of hitting the books.


Week 7 of marathon training

Monday: REST

Tuesday5 miles (9:47 pace) 

Wednesday8 miles (9:57 pace) on the trails 

Thursday: 2 miles…had 5 miles on the plan but 3 days in a row of running did a toll on my body so I cut it short.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: REST

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