Week on the road + thoughts before the SF half + week 5 of training

Back from Wisconsin! Thank god…being on the road for work this week really did a number on me. I’m usually good at adjusting to time zones and avoiding jet-lag, but it’s those 2-3 time zone differences that really get me – i.e waking up at 6am every morning felt like 4am to my body…eek!

Wisconsin itself was pretty blah. Long days with the client followed by alone time in the hotel, featuring long walks and TV time. A nice trail near my hotel:


Now that I’m back home, I’m getting my body clock back on track, eating healthy again (travelling = mountains of processed food), and making every effort to be my best self on race day which is officially 1 week away!!


I’ve been trying to cut back sugar as well. My default for snacking is usually anything sweet, but after watching way too many documentaries on the terrible effects of sugar, I’ve been going for more savory, whole food snacks. My favorite lately – STRING CHEESE!


One highlight of the week was running with my friend, Vijay, who is also running the SF half marathon! We did 6 miles along Marina Boulevard. It was a good push for both of us, but especially me since it just was not my day. Combination of jet lag and it being that time of the month (this blog doesn’t hold back on the TMI!) made the run feel like a hard effort. I’m so glad I had Vijay to keep me accountable 🙂


The other run from this week was my long run on Saturday which was 6.2 miles. I was suppose to run 10 miles but stopped the clock early. My legs felt like 100 pounds and my heart just could not keep up; mentally I was in a negative space the entire time. This was my last long run before the race, and it’s pretty defeating entering race week on this low note. I definitely need to work on thinking positively and saving a few positive mantras for race day. One small win on this run: I ran an entire 1+ mile hill up to the Golden Gate bridge without stopping, which is part of the race course so I was happy about that 🙂


Overall, I’m going into this race with very low expectations. Not trying to PR, and honestly just trying to make it to the end in one piece. I think every race reflects a different chapter of life – some you train for harder than others, and that’s OKAY! The SF half marathon reflects this new chapter when I moved across the country, met some amazing people, focused on building my new life, maybe put running goals on the back seat for a bit but am still putting myself out there to give this race my best shot. There’s nothing to be ashamed of about that 🙂


Week 5 of marathon training

Monday – Wednesday: REST, in Wisconsin.

Thursday: 6 miles with Vijay

Friday: REST

Saturday: 6.2 miles.

Sunday: REST

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