Weekly tangents: favorite run ever + off the grid + welcome to the family

This week flew by for me! Lots of random thoughts and occurrences to recap on from this past week – I’ll try and keep this somewhat organized 🙂

Presidio Trail run – Batteries of the Bluff + Bay Area Ridge Trail

Tuesday was hands down my favorite run I’ve ever done. I was in the mood for some trail action and researched some trails in the Presidio beforehand. When I came across pictures of the Batteries of the Bluff trail…I knew that was the one.

To get to that trail, I did a few miles on the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which was super gorgeous. Mostly woods like the picture below with some rolling hills. So therapeutic.


At the entrance of Batteries of the Bluff, there was a KILLER view of the bay from up high. Then the trail slowly descended until you got to the beach.


A little further down and my favorite view of the whole run. The water was glistening and sun was shining…heavenly.

unnamed (2).jpg

Seven miles total! I will definitely be back :).

Off the Grid – Fort Mason

On Friday night, I had some down time and decided to check out Off the Grid in Fort Mason, a food truck festival close by to my apartment.

unnamed (6).jpg

Korean burgers: buns made of rice and bulgogi filling and pineapple. SO TASTY.

unnamed (5).jpg

I just loved the vibe at this thing. The sun was setting and it was on a lot right by the water. Everyone was drinking, eating, socializing, a great way to kick off the weekend :).


Arty concert

I met a new friend on my first night in SF who is really into the electronic music scene, and when he mentioned that Arty would be in town, we decided to go! Arty is one of my favorite EDM artists and I’d been dying to see him in person.


I love the clubs in SF since they are more low-key and you actually have space to dance and enjoy. We got right up to the front without needing to push around :).

New purchases: garmin + bike

During my last marathon, my garmin broke, so I’ve been watch-less for a while now. Finally ordered a new one and so happy to be able to track my miles again!

unnamed (3).jpg

Another big purchase this week…my new road bike! I bought it used from a bike shop and it’s top notch with a carbon fiber frame. I’m feeling super broke right now, but I feel like a bike purchase is a one-and-done kind of thing so was willing to invest. Welcome to the family, bikey!!

unnamed (7).jpg

SoMa coffee shops

One of my favorite things about my new SF office is the location. There are SO many food options – everyday my coworkers have been taking me to new lunch and coffee spots :).

Favorites so far: Philz – mint mojito coffee is to die for.

unnamed (4).jpg

I have a friend who works right next to me and he introduced me to Red Door Coffee – hipster and dark lit, and doubles as an art gallery! The cold brew was super bomb.



Thanks for reading all about the randomness from my week :). I’m off to go hiking in Fremont followed by Scott’s birthday tonight – it’s sure to be a fun weekend ahead!

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