Walks give me life + hair dying party + week 14 of marathon training

Hope your weeks are off to a grrr-eat start! Mine sure is here as it is finally MARATHON WEEK!!! How can you not be in a good mood the week of a race ;)?

I don’t know about you guys, but even though it’s taper time, the week of a marathon is always pretty involved for me…stretching, rolling, hydrating like crazy, upping my electrolytes and carbs, lowering fats and sugars, hitting bed early…just making sure each and every decision will make me my best self on race day 🙂

But without further ado, let’s recap a very lovely weekend in NYC.



Saturday started off bright and early and with a practice exam!! Fun fun. After that slap in the face, I set off for my last long run of the cycle: 8 miles down the east river. It’s amazing how 8 miles seemed so intimidating when I first started training, and now it’s no biggie ;). Progression is my favorite thing.


Afterwards, Michelle came by for our favorite tradition…HAIR DYING PARTY!! We started this back in college: once or twice a year we would get together, blast music, and have fun dying each other’s hair. I recently lightened mine so it was just me coloring Mish’s this time.

But first, we were dying to monopolize the GORGEOUS weather, so we set out for some ice cream and a walk on the river. Walks are hands down me and Michelle’s favorite activity; flashback to when I lived in Astoria and much closer to her, and we would take walks around the neighborhood until it went dark. It was so rejuvenating bringing back these sunset walks ❤ our walks give me life.


Playing around with my new iphone camera…it’s such an upgrade!


Afterward, we ordered from our favorite Thai spot, mixed some tequila drinks, and commenced HAIR DYING!! Michelle decided to go red…and I must say it turned out super dope! She will rock this bright new color ;). (Can’t really see the color in this photo)


Then we decided to start the new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why…SO GOOD. You must try it out. Despite taking place in high school, it’s not cheesy at all and the plot hooked us right away.


Sunday also started off with studying. I love getting in my study time in the mornings because my mind feels fresh and it gives me freedom for the rest of the day 🙂

Then, I headed to West Village to meet Trish for brunch! We did our classic West Village brunch + SoHo strolling date. This time, we ate at Little Prince and shared the french toast and chicken sandwich…YUM!



Such a beautiful day for a walk. We saw these cool paintings that looked 3D…I tried to get a side view.


After saying goodbye to Trishy, I did laundry, bought groceries, meal prepped, watched some more 13 Reasons Why, and called it a night at 9pm :). Trying to hit the pillow as early as possible this week!


Week 14 of marathon training

Monday: 4 miles (9:21 pace) along the river after work; it’s rare for me to run in the evenings but I was having some anxiety about some work stuff and really needed to pound some miles. My legs felt surprisingly good despite running 12 miles the day before.

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 6 miles on east river (9:42 pace). A great run all around. I felt mentally strong and really felt like I’m in a good spot. Lots of reflection of how wonderful this whole marathon cycle has been, inspiring my last post.

Thursday: 3 miles on treadmill (9:55 pace) – first treadmill run in a while! I watched Louis CK’s new special on my phone.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 8 miles (9:41 pace) on the river. It was kinda tough to be honest…but I think it was due to stress/sleep deprivation this past week.

Sunday: REST

2 thoughts on “Walks give me life + hair dying party + week 14 of marathon training

  1. Yes! I just started watching 13 reasons why. Super intrigued to find out how it pans out. Your marathon training sounds great (especially that you managed to listen to louis ck whilst doing it!!). Are you on fb at all? We have a group of runners, gym goers etc all sharing their training methods, tips and tricks etc, it would be awesome to have you with us. Here’s the link if you’re interested – https://www.facebook.com/groups/theactiveyou/


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