The Griswolds concert + back to Queens + what running has done for me + week 9 of marathon training

Hello friends! I wanted to check in one last time before heading off to COSTA RICA TOMORROW! I can’t believe this day is finally here. I will be M.I.A. on this blog for the next week and a half, but you’d like, check my instagram for daily updates on my trip :).

This week had two highlights:

The Griswolds concert 

On Tuesday, I saw that one of my favorite bands, The Griswolds, were in town. I spontaneously decided to buy tickets and see them on my own. The Griswolds are an Australian band with a mix of indie pop/electronic/dance.


Overall, it was a solid concert! They played mostly songs from their new album which I’m not too familiar with, but I still enjoyed the set.

Lunch at Takumen + Seeing Phil’s new apartment

On Wednesday, I caught up with Phil over lunch at Takumen, a hip noodle shop in Long Island City. We went a few months ago when it just opened and I was dying to go back there. I had the tuna poke rice dish – absolutely AMAZING! There were a ton of tasty side dishes and the tuna was perfection.


After lunch, Phil and I both took study days, so we headed back to his apartment to study together. Phil recently moved units so it was lovely seeing his new, spacious pad.

This was actually my first time back in Queens since I moved out in November. I remember when I moved, I told myself I never wanted to set foot in Queens again since it just reminded me of my lonely days. But going back there this week felt really nice. It reminded me that I also have so many great memories in Queens: pregames with work friends, lunches with Phil, bike rides on the Queensboro, early morning swims in the outdoor community pool, breezy nights on my rooftop…it’s amazing how time can change your prospective on everything :).


Now for some reflection…

As this blog might recall, I started off this year somewhat on a low point in my personal life. I made it a goal to do whatever I needed to do to build myself up again the next few months, and check in right before my Costa Rica trip to evaluate how I was doing. I’m finally at this “check point”, and I think I’ve come a long way in 2 short months, and a LOT of my progress I must dedicate to running.

These past two months weren’t unbearably difficult, but they weren’t particularly easy either. Busy season at work + dreary winter months + building my personal life led to some pretty tough days. Some weeks felt so stagnant: I worked around the clock, couldn’t see friends, and didn’t know if I was ever going to get over this hump. There were days I woke up and honestly didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day.

Training for my fourth marathon has been an absolute blessing during this time.  Running got me out of bed in the morning, and pounding a few miles on the treadmill would change my whole perspective on the day to come. There was something really empowering thinking: “if I could run 5 miles at 6am this morning, then I can tackle anything today.” Week by week, I logged more miles and could feel myself getting stronger physically and emotionally. Having this marathon to look forward to was the constant inspiration I needed.

I’m so excited for what the future holds. Things aren’t near perfect, but what matters is taking steps in the right direction. With patience, I believe things work out the way they are suppose to.


Week 9 of marathon training 

This was a very low key week for me due to recovering from the half marathon and travel these next few days. I don’t foresee myself running on this trip, and hopefully a week+ off won’t do too much damage on training.

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 5 miles easy (9:57) along the East River. Legs felt pretty sore from my half marathon, but overall felt steady.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 9 miles (9:48 pace) along the East River + down to the southern tip of Manhattan + Hudson River.

Friday – Sunday: Costa Rica!

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