Adjusting back to life + holiday fun + emotions while running

Good morning blog! I’m writing this currently on an Amtrak en route. I’ll be in Hartford this week for work – I could not be more excited to get some quality time with my team and see the sights!!

This week was primarily adjusting back to life after Thanksgiving at home last week. The holidays are always filled with parties, travelling, junk food, and cold weather that makes you just want to stay in and do the OPPOSITE of running. It sure is hard to motivate myself to be healthy. But, I really wanted to focus on getting back into marathon-base shape and eating more cleanly this week. Spring marathon training officially begins soon, and the last thing I want is to feel sluggish to start.

I tried to cook most meals and focus on eating whole foods, drinking lots of water, and avoiding sweets. Below: reppin’ my homemade baked sweet potatoes with bbq sauce, scrambled eggs, and my NYC marathon shirt 😛


Got in several 3-5 milers along the east river too this week. I’m hoping to be able to get in a few runs in the hotel gym this week and not let travelling get in the way of making progress.

Last random thought – do people get more or less emotional when they run?! I use to never really feel emotions while running, maybe it was the endorphins or focusing on hard work, but I run as a way to feel emotionally stable so that I could rationally work through things going on my life – (I don’t think how I would have gone through any of my break ups without pounding out those miles!). But lately, running has been bringing out and amplifying my emotions, if anything. This past week, I’ve been starting my days off with short runs, and these have helped surface some thoughts, especially my naked runs (runs without music). It’s been such a good release to get some hard thoughts/feelings out of the way before starting my day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!!

Here are some other highlights of the week:

Setting up my home office

On Black Friday, I finally took the plunge and bought a new monitor, desk, and ergonomic chair! I wanted to make my home office a comfortable one so I can start working from home more efficiently, especially entering the winter months.

I spent the beginning of the week assembling all the furniture. The set up is pretty great for the most party, except my crappy job assembling the desk…probably the worst thing I’ve ever built. I somehow created these random gaps between the top and the legs.


Also, the view from my new apartment. I’m finally feeling settled in!!


Holiday fun-filled Saturday

This Saturday was a very low key one. I didn’t have many plans and so I decided to do some fun personal holiday traditions!

First stop – Union Square holiday market. I go every year and it’s one of my favorite things. I love checking out the small business vendors and see their handmade products, and grabbing some hot chocolate while I’m at it 🙂


Then, Richard came by to check out my new apartment. We then did our usual dinner + drinks in East Village, our favorite we were in college. This time, we went to an AMAZING sliders joint in St Marks. Hands down the best sliders I’ve had in NYC, and super cheap too.


After Richard and I bid farewell, I headed to Christine’s place to hang out for a bit with some new friends. I wasn’t expecting to stay long, but ended up spontaneously going to an ugly Christmas sweater party with them nearby! I ended up knowing several people at this party, mostly from work. The night was pretty tame, with me turning in around 1am.

Seeing the old roommates 

On Sunday, Nicky, Trish and I grabbed brunch at Dominique’s Bistro in West Village. Our first time together in months! We all ordered the same salmon-avacado waffles and had a blast catching up. Boy did I miss those girls, and now that I live in Manhattan again I have no excuse but to see them much more often!

IMG_1628 (3).JPG

Have a great week my friends!!

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