Cooking made fun + improv in Queens + peace with my alma

In the midst of study season, it’s so fortunate to look back on my week and still have some lovely memories to recap.

Overall, I’m feeling good about this exam (knock on wood!). I’m NOT the type to cram and wait til the last minute, which has helped make this final home stretch feel pretty balanced :). Not too much to report, but here are some highlights of the week:

Home cooked meal

On Monday, I went over a friend’s house to cook dinner. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty great at cooking, but it does feel like a chore most of the time, and I end up eating the same things on my own. It was so much fun to switch things up and cook with a friend, trying out new ingredients and recipes – plus it’s always easier to cook for more than one person.

We made chicken with mushroom cream sauce, blue cheese polenta, and grilled asparagus…overall A++! We were so pleasantly surprised how yummy the meal turned out for only $15 in ingredients. I will definitely be venturing out from my same 3 recipes here on out…just a few extra ingredients can make all the difference in adding tons of flavor in ordinary meals 🙂

FullSizeRender (38).jpg

Discovering Improv in Queens

After a pretty low-key week of work and high-key week of studying, I was craving some social interaction by Thursday night…unfortunately, since most of my friends are from work, that means they are also actuaries in study mode, so no one was avail. I was scratching my head for what to do, and decided to try out QED, a popular improv cafe here in Astoria! I heard great things about it and I love watching comedy shows, so decided to spontaneously hit it up solo.

Overall, I LOVED IT! QED had a more open mic/amateur vibe from UCB (Upright Citizen Brigade in Manhattan) which I actually really liked. Lots of the comedians had day jobs and were getting up there for fun, and they felt very relatable. The theme of this show was Chicago vs Denver – transplants from these towns battled out which hometown was better. At only $6 a ticket, I’ll def be going back again 😉

FullSizeRender (39).jpg

(taken before the show…I’m always early to everything 😉 )

Visit to Columbia

On Friday, I made my way up to Columbia for a college tour with my sister. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been avoiding time back at my alma mater…a part of my just wanted to move on from college and not revisit the campus for a long time.

However on Friday, as I was sitting on the classic Low Steps…everything felt so right. It had been around 1.5 years since graduating, and I had some mixed feelings: a little bit of nostalgia, but mostly feeling at peace with my college experience. I’ll always cherish my days at Columbia, and I’m so glad I had some time to chill on the “urban beach” to reflect.

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