3 days in a row + my new running distraction

This week was the definition of low key; the highlight by far was having 3 days in a row of super strong runs. This is incredibly rare for me and I’m sure all you runners out there! Sometimes it feels like weeks go by with every run feeling like crap, with no running high or enjoyable run at all, but this week I was #blessed to get THREE IN A ROW?!?! I definitely soaked in every mile 🙂

Tuesday – 4 miles progression run on the treadmill

I opted for a morning treadmill workout. I woke up feeling strong and energized, and knew that I wanted to get some speed work done on the ‘mill. 4 mile progression run to start off the day 🙂


Wednesday – 4 mile unexpected high

I actually woke up a little hungover from drinking with an old high school friend the night before, so I was convinced I was going to skip running on Wednesday…I honestly don’t know how, but by noon my body was really inching to get out and shake off a run. I thought it’d just be a short and easy, but I ended up riding a high and going on for a total of 4 miles in Astoria Park. I looked down and was so surprised by my time! For me, below a 10-minute pace is a win, and I couldn’t believe I pulled that off hungover 😉

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

Thursday – 4 miles at sunset + tempo

Again, I was planning to take a rest day, but I got off work early, the weather was perfect, and it was just one of those days you can’t NOT run. I wasn’t sure how far I’d set out for, but with the perfect playlist and beautiful sunset scenery, I settled at a happy 4 miles, ending with 1 mile at tempo speed (8:50 pace) on the track at Astoria Park.


FullSizeRender (16).jpg

Lately, I’ve been LOVING listening to voice memos from Michelle on my runs.Hearing about her day and listening to her insights on life give me the perfect distraction from any running pain. These ones in particular warmed my heart this week; I couldn’t stop laughing and was so inspired by her optimism for life. These memos really make me feel connected to her ❤ I highly recommend them as a way to keep in touch with loved ones!


I’m definitely feeling more confident about racing half marathons this season. I still haven’t picked races yet (need to get on this…) but after this week, I may even opt for one this month! Aiming to get in 2 half marathons this fall 🙂

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