Iceland days 3-5: driving, driving, and more driving

The next three days were filled with tons of time on the road. Driving is hands down the best way to see Iceland – good thing I absolutely love long trips in the car. We saw so many beautiful things as we emerged out of the more touristy part of Iceland (most people stay within a 4-hour distance from Reykjavik).

Day 3: east fjords + small town afternoon

The day was primarily exploring the eastern fjords. The Iceland “fjords” are peninsulas that have amazing driving routes along the coast. It reminded me much of Big Sur in California. We pulled to the side every now and then to absorb the views.


One observation Christine made: the whole country looks like it’s stuck in time; it gave the whole drive a sentimental feel.


We then stopped by the city of Seydisfjordur, a quaint small town near Egilsstaðir. The afternoon was filled with walking around, enjoying a beer, and talking with locals who gave us awesome recommendations for Icelandic music 🙂

IMG_1992.JPGIMG_1749.JPGIMG_1972 (2).JPG

Then, we were on our way to our Airbnb for the night. Our stay was on a charming farm – no internet and super remote. Our host was named Arni; it took some time to warm up to him, but he ended up going above and beyond to make us feel at home. He welcomed us with pancakes, and his animals were beyond adorable!


Day 4: farm morning + drive through northern Iceland

We woke up early and spent some time with Arni by his lake. He even let us drive his ATV which was a thrilling experience! This farm was straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel – we picked fresh blueberries and watched swans by the lake…beyond peaceful and soul-cleansing. IMG_1835.JPG



It was a bit sad to leave the farm – I wish we could have stayed longer! But we had a super long drive ahead of us as we were about to tackle Northern Iceland.

First stop was the Hverarönd geothermal grounds – a cool area that looked like the earth was turning inside out. One thing that caught us off guard…it smelled SO BAD. I won’t say what exactly it smelled like, but don’t say you haven’t been warned 😉

IMG_1993 (1).JPG

Godafoss waterfall.IMG_1978.JPG

After a few hours of driving, we stopped in Akureyri for food and gas, the last legit town before a few hours of driving through isolation. We had some time to spare and went to the movies! One quirky thing about Iceland movies theaters: they have intermission. They just cut a scene at an awkward spot and give you a 15 minute break.

Then, we hit the road for a few more hours. Northern Iceland was one of my favorite drives of the entire trip. It’s very unexplored and underrated. There weren’t many lookout spots or anything super scenic, but that’s what made it cool and somewhat eerie. I could drive down this road forever.

IMG_1888 (1).JPG

Lots of animals along the way 🙂



We entertained ourselves by listening to female comedians and eating tons of junk food 😉


After a long day of driving, we hit the hay in a hotel in Hvitserkur.

Day 5: west fjords + lazy evening

This day was dedicated to the western fjords. Like the eastern fjords, the west fjords coastal and winding, but we hit better weather so it felt like a whole different drive from the eastern fjords.



After a few hours of exploring the fjords, we landed in our hostel in Holmavik pretty early. We were pretty tired from a few days of long driving and decided to have a lazy rest of the day in town.

The town was a very small boat town (population 375!), with the main attraction being the Holmavik Museum of Witchcraft and Wizardry…it was so so creepy. This stuff absolutely freaks me out – I couldn’t believe these small towns actually had went through that witchcraft chapter of history!

The rest of afternoon was super relaxing, filled with Christine and I watching movies, having a nice sit-down dinner (a treat after many grocery store meals on the road), and having a mini-sleepover in our bunk bed. IMG_1923.JPG

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