Iceland days 6-7: Reykjavik + MY BIRTHDAY!!

The remainder of the trip was making our way back to civilization, as we spent the last two nights in Reykjavik 🙂

Day 6: national park + blue lagoon 

We took off first thing in the morning en route to Reykjavik. Along the way, we stopped by Thingvellir National Park, one of the most popular spots in Iceland since it’s only an hour from Reykjavik. I must say…I didn’t care much for it. Although beautiful, it felt man-made and unlike all the previous, untouched the sights of the trip. IMG_1896.JPG


Then, we arrived in Reykjavik! We took a nap at our hostel before heading out for the Blue Lagoon.

Christine and I were SO FREAKING pumped for the Blue Lagoon. It was a spot we were DYING to see. Unfortunately, we could only get a spot for 8pm and were nervous that it would be dark. So when we got there, we hustled our butts in for our photoshoot before enjoying the incredible hot spring.



The lagoon was everything I thought it would be – beautiful, warm, relaxing. A perfect end to the day ❤

Day 7: MY BIRTHDAY + wandering Reykjavik + concert 

Our last full day in Iceland was also my 23rd birthday!! It was a complete pleasant coincidence we booked the trip through my bday.

We spent the day wandering Reykjavik. First stop – Hallgrimskirkja tower, which had a unique aerial view of the city.


Then, we went shopping on Skolavoroustigur street which had tons of quirky cute shops. My favorite – 12 Tonar, a low key music store where we drank espresso and listened to new music on CD (#throwback).


Another favorite -the Handknitting Association of Iceland, a shop that displayed local artists’ and craftmakers’ products. This store was especially exciting since I’m all about supporting local artists.

We then spent some time in Harpa Concert Hall, one of the more modern buildings on Reykjavik. It was pretty neat exploring the architecture and reflecting by the windows.

IMG_1172 (1).JPG

Another sight – the The Icelandic Phallological Museum of Penises…yes you read that correctly. We went to a museum for penises. Did I mention that Iceland is super quirky?

Christine and I were pretty beat after a day of walking, so we took a quick nap at the hostel, and then headed back downtown for my birthday night! Christine was beyond sweet and treated me to a super nice seafood dinner. I felt so blessed to have one of my best friends with me on this special day ❤

Then, we went to a concert – Einarindra and East Forest. Both of their sounds were ambient and contemporary with touches of pop and electronic. The whole experience seemed like a scene out of Portlandia as it started with a meditation ritual, and East Forest is known for creating birthing mixes. Overall, Christine and I totally dug the concert. We both bond over music – I owe a lot of what I listen to to Christine!


And just like that, we were done with Iceland! What a trip of a life time. There was so many beautiful things to see and experiences to have. Every trip changes my life in some way or another, and this one definitely will go in the books as such 🙂

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