Treadmill highs + city of the sun

It’s been a fantastic week so far! I finally have had some time to breath for the first time in weeks. I have to remind myself that stressful times come in waves, and I just have to breath in the highs and be patient through the lows. Training has especially been great this week, mainly because I’ve had time to really enjoy the workouts instead of just checking it off my list of to dos!

It’s been approximately 4000 degrees here in NYC and so I opted for the treadmill – 5 mile progression run!

I’ve been having some AMAZING treadmill running highs lately, and it’s because I don’t have to worry about half the things as when I’m running on the streets – navigating, traffic, the blinding sun, not pounding on downhills, the list goes on! On the ‘mill, it’s just me, my music, and the run. One thing that’s been helping me is thinking “upward”. The treadmill does a lot of work for you with the moving ground, and I just focus on lifting my knees and spending as little time as possible on the ground (hence the “upward”); that and keeping good posture, head level, and heart rate steady has helped me achieve some pretty indescribable highs – did any of that make sense?


For some reason it’s been especially tough to motivate pool days lately. I haven’t really been feeling morning workouts lately but with swimming that’s been my only choice. Easy 1600m swim + 3 mile bike. Also I get the WORST goggle marks – anyone else get them too?



Workout: 4 easy miles on the treadmill.

The evening was a fun one – it started with venturing to east village for dinner with Scott and Christine at Boka, a Korean restaurant in St Marks as Korean is Scottie’s favorite. You know you’re in trouble when you need to chase sake shots with rice 😉


Then, Christine and I met up with her bf and roomie at B Bar for some beers – it was beyond chill; east village is BEAUTIFUL at sunset!

After, we headed to Bowery Electric to catch City of the Sun, an acoustic-indie-experimental instrumental band. They were SUPER freaking dope. I can’t describe how much I loved their sound and set. Christine actually discovered them in Union Square where they would play every day and sell their CDs…a few years later and they signed for some gigs at Bowery Electric! They are just super amazing guys and full of passion and talent. Last night was their last night at Bowery and they’re now going on tour around the country, so if you can you MUST check them!!!!

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

FullSizeRender (23).jpg


A much needed rest day. After work, Christine and I grabbed our favorite dessert and enjoyed some midtown views 🙂


FullSizeRender (24).jpg


Hope y’all are chillin this week!!!! 🙂

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