First brick + dopest rooftop + training week 6

Lovely weekend to recap, here we go!


The weekend started off with my first brick workout –> Brick = bike + run. As you guys know, I’ve been somewhat improvising my training plan for this Olympic tri, and I have been grossly under-training on the bike. I’m 4 weeks out til the the race, and knew that if I didn’t start doing long bike rides, I’ll be pretty screwed. It was 90 degrees and I took off for 2 laps in Central Park. Overall, it was a success! I didn’t get fatigued until the last few miles – the water fountains in C-Park are a life saver :).


The run afterwards also went pretty well all things considered – running after biking is an automatic recipe for jello legs, but I’ve had my share of jello runs this cycle so I was handling it fine. I really enjoyed this brick workout because it made me really believe that I can do this triathlon. A few more bricks and I should be good to go!  Total 23 miles on the bike + 2 miles run.

The afternoon was a very productive one – filled with studying, laundry, cleaning my bathroom, researching Iceland, watching Master of None, napping, and then getting ready for the night’s festivities!!

First up was Nicky’s housewarming on her rooftop in Tribeca. Her place was D-O-P-E, dope dope DOPE. Hands down the best rooftop I have been on – it had every view: water, streets, skyscrapers. It was such an amazingly fun time seeing the old roomies/ Miami crew, drinking tequila, meeting new friends and catching up with old <3.

FullSizeRender (10).jpg

I was having such a blast and was sad to have to say goodbye, but then was off to LIC for Phil’s 23rd birthday. (Remind me to never jump around parties again – it’s such a time waste to travel and hard to be fully in the moment in either party).

I caught the tail end of the pregame before we all headed to House of Yes in East Williamsburg, an EDM club with a Alice in Wonderland theme…quirky upon quirky, I’m talking guys dancing in glass boxes. The night was primarily getting Phil as drunk as possible and spending time with some cool cats 😉


Sunday morning was decently productive, I did some work stuff, cured my hangover by seamlessing a burger at 10:30am (mad shameful), and packed my bags and headed on the MNR back to POUGHKEEPSIE!!! I decided last minute to go home this week and work remotely. I’m always immediately at peace coming back to the ‘burbs. Open space, greenery galore, quiet starry nights…here’s to a cleansing week.


First stop after my mom picked me up was grocery shopping. It never ceases to amaze me how cheap everything is outside of NYC. You know it’s a problem when an entire week’s worth of groceries for a whole family is cheaper than what I’d spend for a week on my own in NYC…

The evening was super relaxing, filled with a nice long nap, hearing my mom & sis’s amazing stories from China (they just got back from two weeks abroad!), checking out my sister’s new recordings (she is beyond talented and currently composing/recording her own album! R&B/acoustic, hip, creative, moving), eating a lovely healthy home cooked meal, and watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with sissy (literally never gets old).



Week 6 of Triathlon Training

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 4.25 miles run

Wednesday: 5.25 miles run

Thursday: REST

Friday: 2000m swim + 3 mile bike

Saturday: 23 mile bike + 2 mile run

Sunday: REST

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