Olympic pool virgin no more + my life for the next few months

Hello blog!!

This week was definitely on the lamer end of the spectrum as I’ve officially begun studying for my actuarial exam (WHHYYYYYY)…so the days were very routine, filled with working out, hitting the office, studying, and nothing much else in between. This will unfortunately be the majority of my life for the next 3.5 months. Life won’t be without its fun moments though! I’ll be sure of it 😉

I was able to find some down time to chill on my roof Thursday night. I’m super freaking glad I discovered it – SUCH a relaxing way to end a day, that is, until you think you get locked up on the rooftop and call your super, all to have him “rescue” you even though the door was unlocked the entire time (this may have happened to me Thursday night…;))


Another highlight – watching Finding Dory Friday night! It was beyond cute, tear-jerking (I cried approximately 6 times), and taught some pretty relatable life lessons I’ll be taking away with me (“just keep swimming” is one of my life mottos…). I’m super obsessed with anything fish-related; I just think they are so darn cute and loved every second of it!

Workouts this week: 

  • Tuesday: woke up early for 4.25 miles on the street/Astoria park waterfront. Pretty standard run at easy pace.
  • Wednesday: did an evening run with some track work (1 mile tempo on the track). 5.25 miles total. If you guys are wondering why I have these awkward .25 distances after the mile marks, it’s because most of my running is on the street where it’s hard to gauge the distances. I basically have a goal distance, and try to reach it as close to home as possible, but most of the time I’m a little further and just decide to run a little more 😉
  • Friday: I finally got a chance to hit up Astoria pool! It was SUPER lovely. I signed up for the free lap swimming program and totally dug it. I think I’ll be replacing my swims from the LIC YMCA to here…(I’ll miss the wonderful pool and people at the Y!). I just can’t resist swimming outside. It instantly made the time go faster and hit my happy spot. IMG_1249.JPGAlso, I’m no longer an Olympic pool virgin :). Man, was it a total change. Not having that mini “break” at the 25m mark surprisingly sneaks up on you and I definitely felt more fatigued during this workout (oddly more fatigued than I did during last week’s 2 miler in open ocean where there was absolutely NO break :p…someone explain that please?). I do love the continuous nature of it, that I could get into a nice groove with my stroke. 2000m total –> 500m warm up + 1500m long freestyle swim.


Time for some fun weekend festivities!!

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