Workouts this week + #1 visiting + new business casual

I am SO ready for the weekend! I’m not a fan of complaining, but man did this week feel long. It wasn’t without some lovely moments though 🙂

Workouts this week:

  • Monday: 3 easy treadmill miles –  I woke up feeling tired from a pretty active week prior. I haven’t been taking that many rest days, and my legs were definitely feeling it. Not the best way to start the week, but I’m glad I got in some miles on the treadmill!
  • Tuesday: solid pool workout plus bike – I really enjoyed this swim! I decided that it’s way more fun to create intervals/sets and keep track of my laps. It makes the time fly by too 🙂 3000m total –> 1000m warm up + 500m pull + 500m free + 250 back pull + 250 back + 250 breast + 250 cool down. Added in 6 miles on the bike
  • Wednesday: much needed rest day…I wish I got to catch up on sleep, but I’ve been having a weird case of reverse insomnia – waking up at obscenely early hours and lying in bed wide awake. Wednesday night was the worst as I woke up at 2am and laid wide awake until I had to hit the pool…
  • Thursday: lazy pool day plus bike – I had planned on getting another 3000m workout in, but I only hit 2250m. I was super sleep deprived and my body was not feeling it –> 500m warm up + 500m pulls + 250 free + 250 pulls + 100 breast+ 150 back + 250 pulls + 250 cool down. Added in 5 miles on the bike.


  • Friday: angsty run – I was in the office til pretty late. When I got home, I dropped my stuff, threw on my running shoes, and took off. No agenda for mileage or pace, no phone, no music, just me and the run. I really love doing naked runs (phoneless musicless runs) every now and then. I felt rejooved afterward 🙂

So overall…not the strongest week. But that’s okay! I’m a firm believer in thinking that something is better than nothing. Yeah, I didn’t hit my mileage or swim goals, but isn’t that what my Milestone Method is all about? Last week was a super strong and active week for me, so IT’S OKAY that this week wasn’t. In the end, training is an accumulation of weeks, and I know in my gut that I’ll be ready for my races.

Highlights this week:

  • My #1 visiting: what better way to cut my week in half than have my best friend in the whole world come over to hang? Michelle finally got to check out my apartment in Astoria Tuesday night. We always have such a blast together. The evening was filled with sharing some appetizers, walks around the neighborhood (we LOVE walks 😉 ), lots of chit chat, and froyo ❤



  • New swim gear: my new goggles and swimsuit FINALLY came in!!! I’m beyond stoked for this new gear. I am absolutely LOVING them; they make the biggest difference in the pool. I’ll be writing a post all about tri gear soon :).

FullSizeRender (23).jpg

Living in a walk up = get my packages shipped to the office ;). New business casual?

  • I PASSED MY EXAM!!!! This week was a very happy one as I got the amazing news that I passed my actuarial exam!!! I took it back in May, and man, it was TOUGH. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna pass this one, but I did! I’m officially half way to being an actuary…#careergoals
  • Adopted for happy hour: Thursday evening was a fun one as Christine organized a happy hour for her group at our firm, and got me to come too! I’m really loving this group of hilarious peeps – they say I’m “adopted” into it as we’ve been spending a lot of time together since Impact Day. A fun night of drinks and dinner at Bill’s Burger in midtown!


Happy weekend!!!!


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