Random snippets of our week + movie date night + gardens galore + first time relaxing

Hey friends! After our short vacation in Maui, the past week was filled with a lot of relaxation and recovery. I felt like I was moving nonstop since returning from Asia, and last week was the first time I was truly able to relax.

Joe and I did get out for a couple of activities. We had a date night last week where we went out for sushi in Japan Town. We went to our favorite spot which had sushi on a conveyer belt – so fun!

Then, we saw a movie together (first time since the pandemic!). Top Gun: Maverick recently came out and has been all the buzz, and Joe rallied me to see it. Action movies are usually not my thing, but I kept an open mind, and we both ended up loving it!! It turns out Joe’s love for airplanes has rubbed off on me over time, and I was fascinated by the movie. After the movie, we went home and watched the original Top Gun as well as endless Youtube videos on how they made the movie.

Over the weekend, Joe and I headed to Golden Gate Park to view the latest at the Conservatory of Flowers. This blog knows we are suckers for gardens, and I was eager to return to the park for the first time since Asia. We strolled around the garden and nerded out on all the plants.

After the conservatory, we found out the Japanese Tea Garden recently became free for SF residents, so we checked it out as well. I have been dying to see this garden but have never been willing to pay, so this felt like a treat! I love Japanese gardens because they have a minimalist, tidy feel, whereas Joe loves the overgrown cottage style. It was fun discussing and envisioning how we would design our future garden. 🙂

Later that weekend, we traded the SF fog for the sun in East Bay, so we drove to Oakland for an afternoon. First, we ate lunch at Shan Dong, one of Oakland’s most popular Chinese spots, and for a good reason! The food was SO good, especially their hand-pulled noodles. There is usually a short wait, but it was so worth it.

Afterward, we took a stroll along Lake Merritt, another attraction in Oakland. We didn’t get too far as the lake didn’t look that nice, but it was still good to see a different part of the Bay.

We also watched the NBA finals. Basketball is the only sport I remotely like (read: tolerate), and it’s an exciting time right now as San Francisco’s home team is in the finals. It feels like the entire city lights up on game days with all the residents walking around rocking their jerseys.

On a weekday, we took an evening stroll on Ocean Beach, aka the best place to watch the sunset in San Francisco. The beach is HUGE and faces west, and it’s truly a magical spot at golden hour.

Late-night dessert runs are always a good idea. 😛

Being a good citizen and voting in the San Francisco elections! I haven’t been that good about voting in my adult life, so I’m trying to make an effort even in local elections.

Other than that, my days have been filled with usual life things. I was nervous about being bored in San Francisco after my Asia travels (especially being funemployed), but between errands, trying new recipes, taking walks, reading, podcasts, trip planning, and taking care of the cats, there’s never a dull moment around here. 🙂

After plenty of R&R, Joe and I are heading out for another trip…we are heading to Colorado for 10 days!! Joe’s cousin is getting married, and it was the perfect excuse to plan a whole trip. I’m excited to head to the mountains (aka my happy spot) and keep the travel momentum going.

2 thoughts on “Random snippets of our week + movie date night + gardens galore + first time relaxing

  1. You’re packing a lot of life into your (funemployed) life! 😊I also loved the new Top Gun film and feel like I have to rewatch the original but haven’t got around to it yet..


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