New local hiking spot + plant crazy apartment + beach day + drink hopping in the Mission + social media insecurities

A few highlights this week!

First off, I went on a hike in the neighborhood last week after work. I stumbled upon a park called Interior Green Belt that ended up being a HUGE network of trails with amazing 360 views of the city. I’m surprised no one really mentions this spot since it really is a gem.

Interior Green Belt hike

It feels like a locals spot as the entrance is tucked away in a dead-end squeezed between two houses. The park itself feels like you are out of the city as the tall trees surround you in the peaceful park. I’ll definitely be back!

Mysterious entrance to Interior Green Belt park

I went a little plant-crazy and added a bunch of plants around the apartment. Joe has really helped me gain confidence as a plant mama, and he’s even gifted me several plants (propagated from his own). I’m loving how these plants brighten up my space and add to the natural/bohemian vibes. There was also some problem solving involved as I love these hanging plants, but I can’t drill holes in my ceiling (#renterproblems), and so I found the perfect solution to hang these plants off of a white door hanger that seamlessly blends with my french doors. Problem solved!

Hanging plant on french doors
Hanging pothos plant on door

The refrigerator is also a great spot for plants, and it’s turning into quite the jungle. I keep my microwave on top of my fridge since I don’t have much counter space, which helps add some heigh contrast with the plants as well. The hanging plant on the left is actually fake. I think it’s nice to layer in fake plants with real ones to make the plastic less noticeable πŸ™‚

A mixture of plants on the fridge

This plant on my coffee table is my recent favorite – I love the green and red leaves that give it quite the psychedelic feel.

Bohemian coffee table with a plant, magazine, and candles and a colorful rug underneath

Joe also gave me some fresh cut alyssum from his garden. I added it to a mason jar full of water and it goes perfectly on my coffee table (#hipster). Joe’s gardening is the perfect road to my heart as he constantly has a supply of fresh flowers. πŸ™‚

Fresh cut alyssum in mason jar

This week was the first time the temperature rose above 60 degrees all year (it’s been a relatively cold winter in SF), which was exciting because it finally felt like spring around here! I traded in my usual leggings and sweater for a dress and it felt SO good.

Spring time in SF - posing in front of Alta Plaza park

Joe and I got out for lunch on Saturday at our favorite restaurant in Japan Town. We’ve been here so many times that the waiter knows us :). We used to come all the time last year, but we haven’t lately since it’s been so cold, so dining here was a real treat.

Outdoor lunch in Japan Town

Later on, we took advantage of the warmth and went to Baker Beach. Baker Beach is on the west-most side of the Presidio and it’s unique because you need to hike down a pretty steep path to get there. It was a good workout and a treat to see the coast ❀

Hanging out on Baker Beach SF with view of Golden Gate bridge
Couple selfie on beach

On Sunday, there was something I was very much looking forward to which was brunch with Carmina! We met up at Gracias Madre, a vegetarian Mexican spot in the Mission. We always have a great time talking about the most random things. I gifted Carmina a house plant that Joe helped propagate, and Carmina was very happy to get her first plant in her new apartment.

Lunch at Gracias Madre in the Mission

What started off as a chill brunch turned into a full day of drinking and hopping around the Mission. After eating, we went to Dolores Park where it was super poppin’ – it felt like the whole city was out enjoying the sun. We went to the liquor store near the park (twice!) since we ran out of drinks :P. After the park, we went to another bar called the Beehive. It felt so fun and carefree hopping around the Mission, and before I knew it we had been out for 7 hours!

Friend selfie at Dolores Park

Lastly, I want to end with a topic that’s been on my mind this week.

Do you ever scroll through social media and feel WORSE afterwards than when you started?

This negativity towards social media is a new feeling for me recently. To be honest, I didn’t really scroll through social media a lot before COVID when I was busier, but with all this time on my hands lately, I’ve been on social more and lately it’s fostered all these negative emotions…

This past week was the first time I stepped back and decided not to look at my Instagram or Facebook for a few days. This was very helpful and grounding for a few days, but when I returned on social after my break, the negativity was right there waiting for me again. While I definitely support taking breaks from social when you need it, I felt like this was more of a band-aid to the problem versus getting to the root of my negative feelings.

Last week I stumbled upon a quote: “You can be happy for others while being happy with yourself.”

This resonated with me as I tend to compare myself to others on social media, feeling uneasy when I see someone else appearing to live their best life when I feel like I’ve made all these sacrifices during COVID. In these times, it’s natural to question if you are doing enough or if you are enough, and the answer is: yes, you are.

Happiness is not a zero-sum game. If your friend is happy (or portraying that they are), it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy too. It also goes without saying that people don’t portray their whole selves on social media, and so you don’t know their struggles or insecurities. Adjusting my thought process in this positive way has really helped me feel more secure with social media again and be less judgmental again.

If you have also struggled with feeling insecure on social media, know that you are not alone. Please feel free to drop a comment and share any tips!

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