It’s good to be back

Last week marked the end of my 6-week visit to the east coast. It was bittersweet leaving my family – now that I live so far away, I always leave wishing I had more time. Even 6 weeks seemed too short and I already miss my family and comfort of my childhood home!

But life must go on, and I’m grateful to return to San Francisco where I also get that warm and fuzzy feeling of “home.” The best part of coming back was having Joe waiting for me at the other end. Six weeks of long-distance truly made our hearts grow fonder. We were so happy to be back together and start the new year with lots of excitement and cuddles.

Our weekend was pretty low key. The main focus was apartment hunting since I am moving out of the Marina at the end of the month (my roommate moved out and I thought it was a good excuse to start living alone). I actually enjoy looking at apartments and it was fun exploring and imagining all the possibilities of my new crib.

In between the apartment search, Joe and I took a walk on Ocean Beach and explored the Sunset on Saturday. Seeing the long gorgeous beach under the sun was the perfect welcome back to California.

California couple reunited after holidays
Ocean beach SF

I also cut Joe’s hair over the weekend. We bought the same clippers we gifted my dad for Christmas, and they are a GAME CHANGER. It feels like slicing butter and was a huge step up from our cheap Walmart clippers before. HERE are the ones we bought – I highly recommend if you are becoming skilled at quarantine cuts and want to upgrade your tools!

Oster hair clipper

Otherwise, our weekend looked a lot of this: playing with the cats, watching movies (we watched Catch Me If You Can and The Truman Show), doing at-home workouts, and taking it easy. SF is currently on lock down, so our number one focus was staying safe until California cases get under control.

Quarantine with cats

Be well my friends! šŸ™‚

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