Outdoor time and craft beer in Pacifica

I hope everyone is staying safe! Last week was super low key as my main goal was not getting sick. Several of my girlfriends have been trickling home for the holidays, and so I had a few dinners here and there to say goodbye for the rest of the year.

Joe and I did get one wholesome activity in this weekend, as we drove down to Pacifica for a day trip. We did an easy hike at Gray Whale Cove, a flat and easy 2-miler with coastal views throughout. Pacifica is probably my favorite day trip from SF – in a short 30 minute drive, the scenery really intensifies and you get that classic rocky California coast.

Active Couple
Pacifica hike

After our hike, we had an outdoor lunch at Old Princeton Landing, a cute surfer restaurant/bar that Rachel introduced me to. They have a huge back patio that feels so open and homey and is the perfect place to hang. Joe and I ordered a few craft beers and lots of yummy seafood – can you tell I was hungry? πŸ™‚

Post hike meal
Craft beer

Other than that, our weekend was super chill with lots of lounging around + watching Netflix.

Cuddling with cat

Something about this time of year makes me sentimental. It’s crazy to think exactly one year ago, I was solo traveling Kenya and having the adventure of my life…and one year later my life looks completely different from what I thought it would be. 2020 has been a hard year to feel grateful, but I know I’ll be taking time this week to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving, put complaining aside, and remember what’s actually important. For me, I’m grateful for my loving Joe, my hilarious girlfriends, my job that I’ve kept this year, and technology for allowing me to stay connected with my family on the east coast. Whether you are with loved ones or not this Thanksgiving, I hope you can find a few things to be thankful for too. πŸ™‚

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