Low-key weekend in San Francisco + take up space

Is it just me or did anyone else completely forget about day-lights savings? Not gonna lie, this time change has thrown me for a loop. Now the sun sets at 5pm and it feels like we’ve been accelerated into the winter.

This past week was super low key, as I was mostly recovering after our party-filled trip to Clearlake. Joe and I are also resting up since we’re heading down to SoCal next week for a week-long vacation to celebrate our one year anniversary! I’m super excited to take a break from work and road trip through California with no agenda.

The weekend was filled with some low-key activities right here in the city, which was just what we needed. Joe and I went to Alamo Square Park on Friday evening to watch the sunset and transition into the weekend 🙂

On Saturday, Joe and I hung out in the Mission. We got coffee, walked around and enjoyed the bright colors of the Mission streets.

Mission graffiti

For lunch, we ate at Prubechu, one of my new favorite Guam restaurants in the city with awesome outdoor seating. We shared their wings and they were literally the best wings I’ve had in SF. Can you tell Joe loved them too by his reaction? 😀

Guam restaurant in SF

We also made a trip to Lowes to pick up some garden stuff. At this point in the year, Joe transferred all the plants from the back yard to the front of the apartment since there is way more sun there, and these babies need all the sun they can get during these shortened days. Joe is super excited planning for next year’s garden layout and he spent all weekend cleaning up and preparing the space.


One mantra that’s been on my mind lately is “take up space.” I think I’m naturally a very cautious, sensitive person who watches every word I say and doesn’t want to offend anyone around me. But a combination of learning from my work (where I deal with white men as clients all day) and also sharing stories with my amazing girlfriends (mostly women of color) has made me aware of the fact that I spend WAY too much energy dwelling over things I said and wondering if it was right or wrong. Whenever I find myself in that thought spiral, I’ve been trying to cut myself short and remind myself it’s ok to have opinions and to TAKE UP SPACE.

It’s definitely been a learning curve to reframe my thought process, especially growing up in a Chinese household where I was taught very differently. Of course, I never want to let my words come at the cost of hurting anyone, but I think this new line of thinking has helped me be more assertive and stop holding things in, which has been beneficial to myself and those around me. 🙂

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