Girls night + mooncakes + exploring Coit Tower + kick-back at Rene’s

And another week goes by and somehow it is already almost October?! Can someone please stop the time?

Last weekend was filled with several spontaneous activities that culminated into quite the fun weekend. Let’s jump right in:

Friday: Girl’s night at Rene’s apartment

On Friday, Rene invited me over for an impromptu hang out. I brought along Rachel (my new friend from Seattle) because I really wanted Rene to meet her…and luckily the two hit it off! We talked for hours about everything under the sun. I’ve been into making kava drinks lately (since Kava Lounge has been closed since March), and so I whipped up this coconut-milk and pineapple juice kava drink for us. It was super fun to have just girls-time for the first time in a while and bring old and new friends together.

homemade kava

Saturday: Moon cake shopping + colt tower + picnic at Alta Plaza + Rene’s apartment round two

Despite a late night yesterday, Saturday started off on the early side. It’s the Chinese mid-autumn festival this week and so I was on the hunt for moon cakes. Joe and I ventured to Chinatown and found a bakery that sold them. I got a few red bean and white lotus w/ egg moon cakes – my fave since childhood!

mooncakes mid autumn festival

Afterwards, Joe and I drove around since we realized we haven’t been to that part of town all year. Despite SF being a small city, something about quarantine really makes you stay in the same neighborhood bubble. We drove through the quaint streets of North Beach to the bougie apartments of Telegraph Hills. Finally we reached Coit Tower which was a first for both of us. It’s one of the highest points in SF and has gorgeous 360 views. There’s also some mini trails in the park, and we spent some time walking around and enjoying the perfect weather.

coit tower

In the afternoon, we ordered some dim sum for lunch, watched the new Frontline documentary on the upcoming election, and then opted to go out again. We did one of our classic activities – picnicking at Alta Plaza Park. It was really one of the most gorgeous days of the year and it felt so refreshing to nap under the sun. Before heading home, we picked up some ice cream at Salt & Straw and took a walk around Lower Pac Heights.

 park picnic

I had so much fun at Rene’s last night that we decided to head back there again later on. Joe joined the fun this time, as a few of us got together to eat dinner and watch the UFC fight (I’m not really into the sport but came for the company!). It was nice to see some familiar faces as well as some new friends. I also shared the moon cakes I bought earlier and they were a HIT.

In the middle of the party, Rene, Rachel and I stepped out to watch a drag show on Haight Street. There were some dancers putting on a show for charity through the window of The Red Victorian. We stayed back to avoid the crowd and it was quite the festive show – I’ll take anything out of the box during COVID!

The rest of the night was spent drinking more and playing a game of fish bowl. Another fun night in the books.

And just like that, it’s Monday again. Hope you all enjoy the last week of September!

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