27th double birthday party + special visitor

Hey peeps! How are you doing? I’m a little off my usual blogging cycle because Joe and I are heading off to Yosemite this weekend, and Iโ€˜m shooting this post before we take off. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s wildfire season in California, and this year has been a pretty bad one. The air has been pretty unhealthy here and it feels like shelter-in-place 2.0. It’s definitely been a difficult year to live in California and I’m praying for a quick wildfire season this time!

One of the highlights last week was Carmina driving down from Central Valley to visit. Carmina and I are good friends from work. I hadn’t seen her since we left the office in March, and we were dying to squeeze in this much-needed girl time! Luckily we had a window of clear air last weekend, so we hung out at Golden Gate Park, drinking my famous watermelon vodka and gossiping over our lives. We laughed so much and it was just what my soul needed. โค

Rene and I actually have the same birthday (tomorrow), and so we decided to have an early-birthday party together. In the 3 years we’ve been friends, I’m surprised this was the first time we had a combined party – it was double the fun with the usual suspects!

Rene is a master party-planner, and as always she went all out with the decorations and food. We invited our group of girlfriends plus partners, and threw a small dinner party for everyone.

Virgo season

The party was at Rene’s new apartment in the Haight. It was so big and roomy, and felt like true #adulting. Look at this beautiful cheese plate!

cheese spread

Matching with my birthday sign ๐Ÿ™‚

birthday party decorations

Joe was so sweet and surprised us with Susie Cakes. I’m obsessed with this cake spot and so this was a highlight!

27th birthday cake

Right when the girls got there, the first thing they did was “ice” us. In case you donโ€™t know, being “iced” is a prank where if you find a Smirnoff Ice (hidden by a friend), you have to drink it in one go. It was my first time getting iced and we were good sports and actually drank the whole thing. It felt like college again…

birthday twins

We ate lots of pasta, drank watermelon cocktails, chatted away, and even played a game of fish bowl (which is a super fun group game!). The party was super special and honestly felt like the party of the year in my book. I felt so grateful that our friends came out to celebrate with us. It was a sweet reminder that I’m surrounded by lots of love and people who I care about in SF, which is sometimes hard to remember during the very distanced COVID era.

friends celebrating birthday party

Now Rene and I are off to another birthday celebration: a weekend in Yosemite!! Our partners and a few others are joining the fun. Not sure how the wildfires will be in that side of California so we’re kind of taking a chance, but I’ve been dying to visit Yosemite for 3 years now and couldn’t turn down this opportunity.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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