Picnic hangs + birthday barbecue feat. impossible meat

And with a blink of an eye, somehow it’s already August! Is it just me, or has time really flown by this summer? San Francisco’s summer is pretty much the same, foggy temperate weather all year…that paired with the quarantine and long work hours the last few weeks has meant time going by in a flash!

Work has definitely been center stage for me lately…things have been super hectic leading up to a big launch last week that I’ve been working on for several months. I’ve been short on sleep but hoping things will calm down now that this is through the door. I slept like a baby this past weekend and finally had a chance to relax. 🙂

Luckily, Joe and I had the chance to spend time outside on weekends as our social lives have been more lively lately. Picnic hangs have been a staple in SF. Last weekend, we met with Joe’s friends at Salesforce park; normally you wouldn’t catch me in SoMa on the weekend since it just reminds me of work…but it was my first time downtown in 6 months, and I actually missed the the modern sky-scraper views of SoMa. Also Salesforce Park is super beautiful; it feels like a botanical garden in the middle of the concrete jungle. We ended the day taking a walk on the Embarcadero waterfront and it was truly a treat!

walking along embarcadero

We also got together with Rene at Golden Gate park last weekend. I shared my new signature watermelon vodka cocktail, and it was so nice to catch up on the latest happenings of our summer.

picnic at golden gate park

The highlight of this past weekend was celebrating Jeff and Kayla’s birthday! They have the same birthday, coincidentally 🙂

birthday party for friends

Jeff and Kayla invited us to their backyard in NoPa for a barbecue. It was a huge treat being in an actual backyard for the first time in ages…it really felt like summer. Instead of red meat, we served impossible meat burgers courtesy of Janice…such a San Francisco bbq 😛

grilling burgers

Princess recently got a new dog and brought her to meet the crew. Kayla/Jeff also have a dog and were dog-sitting another…which basically turned our party into a dog-party.

outdoor bbq
dog bonding

I’m not really a “dog person”, but Princess’s dog was so tame and well-behaved…it was basically a cat. She’s from Korea and we think has a preference for Asian women, ha. She stuck by my side and I bonded with her very well. 😉

After all the yummy barbecue food, we celebrated with a cake. Leave it to Princess to be so thoughtful and always have a surprise cake. 🙂

birthday surprise

Susie Cakes is the best cake spot in San Francisco. 100% recommend.

In the late afternoon, we put on a fire to keep warm. Fire pits are my favorite.

And that’s our last two weeks in a nutshell! What have you been doing to keep busy this summer?

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