What Valentine’s Day is really about

Checking in here today to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not gonna lie, in the past this holiday has been one of the toughest ones for me. Year after year, I remember forcing myself to not touch social media on February 14th because it was difficult to see friends celebrating with their partners and looking so happy, when I was either single, going through a breakup, or in an unhealthy relationship. Valentines Day was always filled with anxiety or fomo, all the way up to last year when I cried in the bathroom because my date stood me up day-of.

While this holiday can be tough for so many, I think it’s important to remember that love does not just cover romantic love. Love is all around us through family, friends, coworkers, neighbors…and I think this holiday is about taking a moment to show your mom/dad/sibling/friends/roommate/kids that you care about them.

Some of my favorite Valentine’s Days were spent with girlfriends hosting “galentines” brunches, passing candy out to my college friends, writing Valentine’s Day cards as a kid…I look back at those memories fondly because it’s a simple reminder that love comes in all shapes and forms.

This is me and Joe’s first Valentine’s Day, and it’s also the first one where I’m in a healthy relationship. If you told me 6 months ago that I would be here I wouldn’t believe you, given my luck dating over the past few years! I feel extra grateful to have him in my life, and appreciate all the years of heart aches and getting ghosted/rejected because it brought me on a journey towards self-love and eventually meeting my wonderful partner. ❤

So taking a moment to thank all the people I love most:

I love you mom and dad! ❤

I love you bro and sissy! ❤

I love you friends, near and far! ❤

Last but not least, I love you Joey! ❤

I hope you find someone in your life to say “I love you” to today! 🙂

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