Holiday blur and festivities in SF

Hey blog!! It’s been a while since catching up here. You know it’s time to blog when Ben texts “are you okay? Haven’t read a blog post in 2 weeks,” ha.

Since coming back from Kenya, life in SF has been pretty busy! The past 2 weeks were filled with adjusting back from traveling, holiday parties and festivities, final end-of-year push at work, and spending as much time with Joe as possible before we are away the next 3 weeks with our families. Our time together has been so much fun and it’s made the end of the year feel like one big festive blur.

A major highlight of the month was Joe’s and my company holiday parties. This was my second year at my company’s party and it was a huge blast with the “ports of the world” theme and now that I have more friends at work. Joe and I had a great time meeting my coworkers and exploring our way around the world in the huge venue.

Couple at holiday party

The following week was Joe’s company holiday party. It was more intimate than mine which we liked – we had a fun evening meeting his friends and dancing away.

Holiday party date

It has been in SF this month. We got lucky and the sun came out on the weekends, and we definitely took advantage of it. For Joe and me, our “go-to” is being outdoors which is why we get along so well. We were both craving time in nature after a week of rain and it felt oh-so good.

Couple on beach

Joe is the best photographer 🙂

California coast

With all the rain, we’ve had several nights trying new recipes: we had a taco night, bbq brisket, thai green curry, and more! It was also the perfect excuse to cozy up with Christmas movies and bailey’s hot chocolate 🙂

While I was in Kenya, Joe moved into SF!! I am so excited now that he lives only a mile away from me and walking distance from Kava Lounge ;). We’ve spent time exploring the restaurants/coffee shops nearby.

Donut shop

Last highlight from the past 2 weeks: Joe ate dim sum for the first time and loved it! To be fair, he had dim sum before, but I said it was his first “real” time since I ordered everything and we kept it very authentic. We found a spot in the Richmond which was the best dim sum I’ve had in SF. We loved it so much we went back the following week for dinner!

Dim sum

As fun as these past few weeks have been, I’m very excited to go back to upstate New York this week to be with my family – we haven’t all been together since last Christmas and I am counting down the days to see them. ❤ I’ll also be spending time in NYC to see some friends after the new year. Life has been jam packed these days, but I’m enjoying every minute of the end-of-the-year craziness.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season! 🙂

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