Treasuring time at home + Hardly Strictly Festival

After my trip to the east coast, last week was filled with the usual getting-my-life-back-together shenanigans. With all my traveling this past year especially for work, my weeks home in SF feel rare and treasured (although I do spend the majority of my time in SF, but time stretches while traveling and I always come home feeling like I’ve been gone for a decade!)

And so, after spending the weekdays settling back with errands, running, work…I entered the weekend so ready to relax. I woke up Saturday morning with grand plans to go on a surfing day-trip, but ended up trading it for chill time in SF. I texted Rene and we spontaneously decided to go to Hardly Strictly, a free outdoor bluegrass festival and highlight of SF that attracts people from all over.

The morning started off with planning for my next solo trip in November to Kenya and exploring in my favorite neighborhood, the Haight.

Then Rene, her boyfriend Chrit, and I hung out for a bit at their cozy Haight apartment. We then joined Chrit’s friends for a pregame and then headed over to the festival. I was so surprised how many people came out for this thing. Every inch of Golden Gate Park was packed with people from all over the west coast.

It was so nice to see Rene and catch up on the latest. Rene has been super busy with her new event-planning job so it was a treat to catch her while soaking up time outdoors.

After Hardly Strictly, the three of us plus Chrit’s friend from Guam went on a man-hunt for a Korean bbq spot. It was quite the task as we wondered the Richmond for over an hour! But it was so worth it when we sat down and got to grillin’. Such a satisfying way to end our day outdoors.

Sunday was the perfect, lazy day filled with all my favorite things. I read my book at Alamo Square, chilled at Kava Lounge, watched House of Cards re-runs, worked on building my writing samples for my freelance side gigs…days like this remind me why I love San Francisco. ❤

Sending lots of love your way! ❤

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