Self-care weekend + August theme: rebirth

After saying goodbye to a week-long visit from sissy on Tuesday, I wanted to take advantage of my last few days of peace and quiet before the busy month of August. I have trips planned for every single weekend coming up: 1) girls trip to LA, 2) meditation retreat, 3) work trip to D.C., 4) solo trip to Nicaragua for surf camp + my birthday!! After a hectic July, I was originally a bit overwhelmed with all that’s coming up this month, but after these past few days of rest & rejuvenation, I feel SO much more myself and genuinely excited for what’s next.

My theme this month is “rebirth.” I love the start of a new month since it’s a chance to start over. I really want to change up my habits and treat my body with more care, and in just a few short days of making some small changes, I’ve noticed a huge difference already – which I think is a sign of how badly I needed a change. It’s amazing our body’s ability to heal, and I’m learning that that doesn’t mean you should stretch it to its limits all the time! I definitely want to continue on this path of slowing down and being kind to myself, all in the hopes of a mental “rebirth” this month.

This past weekend was a massive self-care weekend. I ended up turning down plans to focus on gaining back my energy. That meant lots of working out + time with nature + writing/reflecting + hanging out at my sanctuary (a.k.a. Kava Lounge) + catching up on my sleep debt + slowing things down and appreciating everything around me…it really was just what I needed. ❤

Friday: yoga + sunset on the beach

I kicked off this weekend with a yoga class. The class hit the spot as it was an easy workout to ease back into my exercise groove, and we also ended the class with guided meditation.

After yoga, it was absolutely gorgeous outside and so I took a walk in the Marina while listening to some podcasts, and watched the sunset on the beach…I felt so grateful for the beautiful day + time to myself. Perfect start to my self-care weekend. ❤

img_1747Saturday: Open water swim + Haight exploring + chilling at kava + movie night in

I woke up after 10 hours of sleep (hallelujah!) and had something special in mind…I geared up my wetsuit and walked a few blocks to Aquatic Park, a popular spot for open-water swimming right in the ocean! I really love swimming (flashback to high-school swimming days) but don’t get in the water nearly as much as I’d like now…with surf camp in Nicaragua coming up, I wanted to get a head start by getting in the water and working those shoulder/back muscles again.

Even though it was a warm-ish day (by SF standards), the water was FREEZING. I can usually handle a lot of pain but this was agonizing! I couldn’t believe there were some swimmers without wetsuits…luckily after a few minutes, I warmed up and it felt almost as comfortable as any other swim. Overall super refreshing to get in the water again – I just love swimming in the ocean as it totally beats the pool!


After swimming, I did some chores around the apartment while enjoying my coffee + blueberry scone. I remember feeling so happy for the little pleasure of enjoying a meal at home since I’ve been eating out so much lately. The whole weekend made me take note of and appreciate these little things that I normally don’t see at my typical fast pace.


Afterwards, I took my time getting out of the apartment by killing a few episodes of Mad Men. By 2pm, I figured it was time to head out since it was a lovely sunny day. I had nothing planned and decided to go shopping in my favorite neighborhood, the Haight. I motorbiked down there and spent a few hours dipping in-and-out of each store. I’m usually not the biggest fan of shopping, but with nothing in mind to buy and no eye on time, I really enjoyed these few hours of exploring the colorful neighborhood and letting inspiration hit me.


I ended up buying a few random pieces including this gorgeous crystal, and assembled this new decoration for my room. 🙂


After shopping, I stopped by a gluten-free bakery and enjoyed a treat while sitting at Alamo Square Park.


Then I hit up my secret spot ;). A few of the kava regulars were around including Josh, and we spent a few hours catching up and chilling over kava tea. Time flew by as Josh and I had so much to catch up on from the past week! Even though I was looking for an antisocial weekend, the kava lounge has become so much my sanctuary that it felt just as relaxing as being home.


I ended the night by ordering ramen and watching my all-time favorite Quinton Tarantino movie, Inglorious Bastards.


Sunday: lazy morning + backpack shopping + kava

I eased into the morning with some breakfast and a side of planning with my notebook and pen.


After getting ready, I took a walk along the Marina, treating myself to a cup from Philz Coffee. The final destination of my walk was Sports Basement since I’m in the market for a new backpack for traveling, particularly for Nicaragua’s coming up –> R.I.P. old backpack that got me through 14 countries! Had to throw it away after the Philippines…(thank you bed bugs). I had a very productive hour talking with a nice saleswoman who helped me size my backpack and recommend a few options.


Headed home, ate lunch, another episode of Mad Men, and headed back out into the sun. I took a nice long walk while catching up with Michelle, and then read my new book at Alamo Square Park.


My day ended with a few more hours at kava, catching up with a different set of regulars and working on this blog post.

As I look back onto the weekend, I’m honestly so grateful for the time to recharge as I truly feel light years healthier and more myself than I did just a few days ago. I’m also super PROUD of myself for taking on a fully blank slate weekend with an open heart. Normally, I dislike not having plans on weekends and end up filling every minute with something exciting…but this was the first time I was at peace with so much free time and actually enjoyed every minute of it.

Now with my new sense of rejuvenation, I’m ready for what’s next. First up: a busy work week and then LA with Kim, Sophie and Chloe next weekend!

Have a lovely week y’all! 🙂

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