Summer craziness + wake up call + redirecting life energy

Hey there! I’m currently blogging from a flight to D.C! I’ll be there for the next two days – a quick in-and-out for work 🙂

I realized last week was the first in 3 years of having this blog that I did not write a post. I decided to take a week off because nothing super special went on event-wise, yet, there has been a lot of craziness going on in my personal life which was quite the roller-coaster. I needed a week off to regroup my thoughts, as I’ve come to realize that I’ve been spending a LOT of time on people and things that have not been the best use of my life energy.

I mentioned this briefly in a post a few weeks ago, but I feel like after returning from the Philippines, I haven’t had time to breathe as my work and social life has been go-go-go. I knew going into the summer that it would be a crazy few months, and I promised myself I’d try to get back on track with my routine in the fall (including training for a race, which always helps normalize my schedule)…but it didn’t hit me until last week just how off track I was.

June and July have been THE definition of work-hard-play-hard, and I’ve been putting a lot of my energy into people and things that make me question if this is the best use of my energy…and as a result my health/sleep/eating/workout habits have suffered a lot. I realized this when basically a part of my body shut down last week…it was really scary especially since I was alone, and a huge wake up call that I need to make an effort to put myself first over other things that have monopolized my life energy lately.

This weekend was on the tame side as I wanted to cherish some last moments of “me” time before 1) this work trip to the east coast, 2) my sister visiting for 7 days (yay!), and 3) entering the month of August where I have fun trips planned almost every weekend. It’s exciting yet daunting to know there’s still a good month at least of craziness before things calm down, but I’m going to try to get a head start in making a dedicated effort to slow things down.


The highlight of the weekend was getting together with Rene and Anna for a deep house show at Public Works hosted by Dusty Rhino, a Burning Man camp. I just love going to these pre-burn events as I can’t make actual Burning Man anytime in the near future…it was a great excuse to dress up and let loose after our busy weeks. The three of us hadn’t gotten together since our Vancouver trip, and so we were all happy to be together and dance the night away.


Hope you have a wonderful one, my friends!


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