Happy Mother’s Day <3

My mom. Where do I even begin? I don’t know anyone more selfless, positive, and caring. I know my family and all of her friends would say the same thing. She taught me how to see the bright side of every situation, how to be independent (and not rely on no man!), that life and the people in it always comes first, how to love myself and my body, and be a grateful person above all.

My mom takes ballet lessons and has been part of a Chinese dance group for the past 20 years. She is my inspiration for doing what you LOVE and living your best life.

Side note: My mom has been my biggest supporter of this blog – she has read every post since day one, and reads all of your comments too!

And so on this Mother’s Day, from all the way across the world, I am thinking of you and missing you. You will always be the most special woman in my life, and I hope to have your heart of gold someday. ❤

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