First one to get hitched + birthday rager & picnic + bonfires never get old

This weekend had a LOT going on. It started off packed with several big activities on the calendar (it was Sarah AND Viggy’s birthdays!), and then some more spontaneous things came up and before I knew it, every minute of the weekend was filled.

Friday: celebration lunch + Janice got married! 

The work week ended on a high note as I organized an end-of-busy season lunch for my team. We went to Coqueta which is hands down my new favorite tapas spot in SF. Everything was so flavorful and oh-so perfectly cooked, and their cocktails were so refreshing and beautifully garnished – yes please! 🙂


After work, I did a 90 minute not-so-sober power yoga class which turned out to be pretty painful, needless to say. After emerging from the studio, I got some texts from Janice inviting our girl group out to celebrate her wedding at city hall hours before! It seemed fitting to have an impromptu celebration for the somewhat impromptu wedding ❤

And so all our favorite friends got together for a night out to celebrate our first girl getting hitched. We started off at Wine Down and later on Novela in SoMa. I so admire Janice and Rodaan as a couple. It really shows what kind of people they are that on their wedding day they invited all of their friends to hit the town. They make such a good team and are my couple goals! Their “real” wedding is next summer in Vancouver and if it is a fraction as fun as our impromptu celebration on Friday was, it will for sure be a good time 🙂


Saturday: piercings + basketball + Viggy’s birthday rager

Saturday morning was a productive one filled with studying. Cant’ believe this thing is officially 4 weeks away!

Sarah mentioned the night before that she wanted to get a nose piercing, and so in the afternoon, Princess, Whitney and I tagged along to give Sarah some moral support. We all met down in the Haight, which is the hippie part of SF, and also one of my favorite neighborhoods. I just love the weird shops and colorful art all over.


Sarah’s piercing came out SO well – it looked like Sarah was meant to have it all this time! Then, the four of us went nearby to Ice Cream Bar which is known for their alcoholic-ice cream concoctions.


Afterwards it was time to catch one of the “final four” games. Whitney’s friend lived nearby and so we went over to catch the basketball game. It was so nice to see some of Whitney’s UNC college friends who I met before, and also meet some new ones. They were so hilarious and easy to get along with, and made the game fly by.


Then, Whitney and I went our separate ways to change and eat dinner, before meeting right back up again at Viggy’s apartment for his birthday party (eh..more like birthday RAGER)! Viggy has such a positive presence and is such a good friend to everyone, and the great turn out at the party really showed that.


Karan being Karan

IMG_4368 (1).jpg

A group was going out to continue partying afterwards, but I called it an early night to catch a few more hours of studying the next morning

Sunday: Sarah’s birthday picnic + ocean beach

…Which is what I did. One thing I’m pretty proud of from this past weekend was fitting in studying in between all the activities. People ask how I am able to work + study + train for races + have a life, and I think it’s all about heavily compartmentalizing –> focusing hard but then being at peace to leave things where they are to go back to your life.

For lunch, our massive girl gang got together in the Presidio for a picnic to celebrate Sarah’s birthday! We all brought booze and cookies to share, and there were food trucks lined up along the grass for us to choose from.



Sarah is the newest addition to our group, and she’s been nothing but fun and positive energy since the start – we were so happy to ring in her birthday together ❤


We played a game called Intervention when the everyone votes who in the group is “most likely to…” do each scenario on the cards (basically a way to judge your friends 😉 ). I won these two cards which were beyond hilarious and accurate – I do tend to overshare and will tell my life story to anyone who listens, ha!


After a massively fun afternoon of booze, laughing, and judging (ha), we bid farewell, and Whitney, Anna and I headed over to Ocean Beach for a bonfire with Whitney’s college friends from the day before. The bonfire was kind of last minute, but I was SO down to tag along as this blog knows that the beach + bonfire is my absolute favorite combination.


Ocean beach is the #1 best spot in SF to catch the sunset. This was my third bonfire here and it was just as exciting as the first time. We shared drinks, listened to music, joked around, and ended the evening cuddling in our man-made blanket fort. Perfection.

IMG_4387 (1).jpg

And that wraps up another fantastic weekend filled with some of my favorite activities in SF. It really rejuvenated my spirits, and left my face with a massive sun burn this morning 😛

I hope you had a good one with loved ones too. Happy Easter! ❤

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