Costa Rica days 6-7: beach days + snorkeling + pura vida!

Our final chapter of the trip took place in the Guanacaste Province, filled with pristine beaches and tons of chillaxin’.

Day 6: Simple beach day

The morning started with the ONLY run I did the entire trip (#fail). 3 miles right along the beach 🙂


If you’ve been on my blog since last summer, you’ll know that me and Michelle just LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach. We’ve done countless beach days together all across the world, and we were so looking forward to some rest & relaxation after some adrenaline-packed days. We stayed on Coco beach, which had dark sand, lots of wind, and killer views surrounded by mountains.

We found some cheap beach chairs which was a game changer for us. We usually love laying on the sand, but the wind made staying close to the ground not an option. This dog stayed with us most of the day and we were very happy with that.


Part way through the day, we made our way to the bar to commence day drinking. We weren’t planning on drinking at the beach originally, but after scoping out the sub-par nightlife scene the previous night, we decided to shift our partying to the day time. SUCH a fantastic choice. We so loved sipping on pina coladas right in front of the ocean, eating our grocery store lunch & snacks, swimming around, playing with our doggy friend, dancing like it was no one’s business, and beachin’ the way we know best 🙂



The most gorgeous sunset ❤




This could be our album cover.


The night ended with a nice sit-down dinner and hitting bed early ❤

Day 7: snorkeling + beach

The next morning started with snorkeling!! We found an amazing deal for a private snorkeling session for 2 hours on a beautiful island 20 minutes from Coco beach. I’ve never snorkeled before, and given my obsession with water/fish, I could not have been more excited.

A breezy, beautiful, private boat ride to start.



Then, we jumped right in!


The water was a bit cloudy, so we couldn’t get great photos under water, but we still saw lots of different fish species. At one point, we were surrounded by a ton of JELLYFISH. That was probably more scary than bungee jumping…ha!

Here’s a derpy-er photo of us snorkeling.


After a superb morning, we relaxed over lunch and cocktails before hitting the beach again for a half-day of chilling, drinking, swimming, and living pura vida ❤


Can’t beat those sunset views.


Our last evening ended with a relaxing dinner, more beer, and enjoying our final moments on Costa Rica.

The next day, we had some breakfast on the beach, did some souvenir shopping, and were off! I cannot believe how quickly this trip went. It was the adventure of a lifetime, and I’m so grateful for every moment and for every wonderful person we came across.

Good bye for now, Costa Rica! Thank you for teaching us how to truly live pura vida ❤

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