Paper Kites concert + Fantastic Beasts preview + last night in Queens

Hello my friends! Hope you all had grrr-eat weeks! There were some pretty exciting happenings from mine that I can’t wait to share:

Monday-Tuesday: exciting news

The beginning of the week was pretty tame. The most exciting event was…I FOUND MY NEW APARTMENT!!!!!!!!! I could NOT be more excited!! It’s in Kips Bay in Manhattan and absolutely perfect in every way. It’s my dream location (10-20 minutes to see my favorite people…big improvement from 50+ minutes from Astoria), chill roommates, awesome amenities (ie gym in building…um YES!?!?! Perfect for the loads of treadmill miles coming my way this winter :P), same rent I was paying in Queens, I could not be more happy to score this apartment.

Wednesday: Paper Kites concert

Having a HUGE weight off my shoulders from apartment hunting being over, I loaded the rest of the week with some fun shenanigans! On Wednesday, I saw that a band I loved was in town, the Paper Kites – an Australian indie-folk band. My friends aren’t really into this type of music, so I decided to see them solo! I’ve gone to quite a few concerts alone and actually really love it. You can really kick back and observe in any way you want.

My evening started at Kavasutra, a Kava tea cafe in East Village – thought that would be a great way to relax and get in a good mood before the concert ;). (please excuse my blurry pic)


Then I headed to Gramercy Theater for the show! Super great set. They even did a few songs in pitch black darkness which was so calming and really helped focus on the music. They were so down to earth and just an overall chill band to watch ❤


Thursday: sugary work week + Fantastic Beasts

This week at work was definitely an unhealthy one. We had FOUR birthdays, which meant cake, cookies, ice cream almost every day. It also didn’t help that me and the new analysts ventured out on our own in addition for sugary snacks 😛

FullSizeRender (69).jpg

Later that evening, a friend scored some free tickets to watch an advanced screening of Fantastic Beasts for me, Christine and 2 others pals!

The movie overall…meh. I’m personally not a huge fan of Harry Potter and associated fantasy things to begin with so it was hard to stay awake. However, there was LOADS of free food: personal pizzas, popcorn, candy, ice cream…I ate my weight in junk food that night which made it all worth it.

Definitely need to detox and eat more healthily this week…good thing it’s Thanksgiving coming up 😛

Friday: last night in Queens! 

Around noon on Friday, I got an email saying the day I wanted to move to the new apartment wasn’t going to work out…and so I made the very last minute decision to move the NEXT DAY.

Phone calls to movers, my new building management, my old landlord, my broker, the person I’m taking the lease from…talk about a scramble scramble scramble!! Moving is always so painful and I just wanted to get it over with rather than wait until after Thanksgiving or take time off from work.

It then hit me that that night would be my LAST NIGHT IN QUEENS!!!! I had already made plans with a friend and asked if we could migrate them out to Astoria so that I could enjoy my last night there. I’m so grateful we did. It was the perfect last night filled with yummy tacos, sharing a six pack and semi-star gazing on my roof (it was 60 degrees and a beautiful night!), and watching the Big Short.

FullSizeRender (70).jpg

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