soul rejuvenation + first long run

Why can’t weekends go just a little slower? This one flew by as usual, packed with some low-key events with high-quality people.


I organized a happy hour at work to bid farewell to a manager in our group. Its always sad to see a mentor leave, but I’m always happy to see them move forward and pursue their goals! We all got together at Haven Rooftop in midtown – even got to catch up with some alumni which is always a treat.

The evening was a familiar one, doing my favorite NYC things: ramen for dinner at Minca, drinks at Corlear’s in East Village (they make creative jam cocktails!), and then an Upright Citizen’s Brigade show with a friend. I’ve mentioned UCB a few times on this blog – it’s top on my list of favorite things to do in NYC. Friday nights at 9pm are particularly my favorite as they make skits out of rap lyrics. I’ve never seen a bad show or cast; and this one was no different.


Saturday morning and afternoon was mainly for catching up on sleep and studying.

In the evening I met up with Michelle here in Astoria. We got crepes at my favorite cafe near the apartment. Lately, Michelle and I have been calling our hang outs “soul rejuvenations,” because that’s exactly what they are. Every time I spend time with her I feel more optimistic and gain clarity about my life.


Afterwards, we went to my rooftop to chat and chill. We chatted away, and before I knew it, it was almost midnight! I had plans to go out in Brooklyn and completely lost track of time, but I didn’t think twice. When we’re old and look back, these breezy summer nights sitting together on the roof, talking about our dreams for the future, funny moments of the past, and working through thoughts of the present…that’s what life is all about, and that’s what we’ll cherish <3.

FYI, this past week Michelle and I marked our 11 year friendiversary :). Exactly 11 years ago, we met on the first day of 7th grade. Michelle was the new girl in school and I invited her to sit at our lunch table. Who knew it would be the start of this wonderful friendship ❤


Another good reason for not going out Saturday night…I got my ENTIRE Sunday 🙂

The morning started off with my first long run of the fall! 6 miles total. Long runs are definitely my favorite runs of the week. I love going at a slower long run pace,  plugging in the headphones, and being alone in my thoughts for hours. I also love experimenting different routes – I’ve definitely learned the most about NYC through my long runs, and can’t wait to see more of my new neighborhood through them! The long run also gives me the biggest sense of progression through training cycles. Although 6 miles felt pretty challenging today, I know it’ll be a breeze in a few weeks 🙂

The miles were pretty diverse – 2 miles on the streets, 1 mile on the waterfront, 2 miles on the Astoria Park trails, and 1 mile on the track. IMG_2064.JPG

Afternoon = study study study. I settled at Create, my favorite healthy spot nearby.


After a whole day of being alone, I was feeling restless and hit up Christine for dinner. I was happy to get out of the ‘hood and get moving a little, so I biked down to East Village and we grabbed some baos to eat at her place. The “bread” was made out of rice, making every bite feel like a bite out of a rice bowl 🙂IMG_2063.JPG

Seeing Christine = soul rejuvenation round 2.

While I was biking back home, I got pretty emotional…I felt so #blessed to have some pretty amazing people in my life. Just thinking back to this week: I got to see my whole family, have quality moments with my two best friends, all while having my own apartment to spend time with myself…times like these make everything else in life seem pretty small.

Week 1 of Training

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 6 miles + 12 miles biking

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