Spending time with yourself + heart warming reunion + lazy C-park + training week 3

This weekend was a lovely balance of spending some much needed time alone time but also spending time with loved ones, and staying active but also being a major bum.


The day started with my indoor sprint triathlon (you can read my race recap here!). The event ended around 10am, and by the time I got home, I was inching to go for another run, so I threw in another 3 miles in the morning ;).

The afternoon consisted of watching Frances Ha on netflix (one of my favorite indie movies of all time, HIGHLY RECOMMEND), napping (alarm clocks at 6:30am or earlier every day for a week sure takes a toll on my energy), and then some thrift shopping at the Buffalo Exchange in Astoria. I first learned about the store when I was in Portland, and I immediately fell in love. High quality selection for super low prices (I’ve never paid more than $20 for an item), and Buffalo has an eco-friendly mission as they are plastic free! If you can you MUST check them out! I got a new dress for Miami next weekend as I’m running low on going out clothes – there’s going out attire for NYC and going out attire for Miami…that’s all I’ll say about that 😉

Afterward, I came across an Italian Festival taking up Ditmars Blvd in Astoria. Always a good time roaming these street fairs 🙂

FullSizeRender (24).jpg

Dinner consisted of take out from Bau Shoppe and Gilmore Girls…nothing makes me happier. FullSizeRender (25).jpg

After dinner, I met up with Scott and Phil at The Jeffrey in Midtown East. We caught up over beer and even started planning our hiking trip in July! I do miss those guys. We use to eat lunch together every day but now we’re all on new projects and our schedules are pretty crazy. Granted, I do still see them almost every day, but it was so refreshing to actually sit down and catch up on our week 🙂

After, we headed to our coworker’s apartment for a house cooling party, as she’s moving to SF – I’m so incredibly sad to see her leave NYC!! The evening was filled with lots of drinks, laughing, and a big ol’ reunion with people who have left the firm. Man did I miss those guys, and was so heart warmed to see the OG’s of my current group again <3.


I woke up feeling not the greatest, simply put. I knew that if I didn’t make plans for the day I would never get out of bed. So I texted Richard (who was also on the same hangover boat) and we decided to do a chill picnic in Central Park!


I’d never really spent time in Central Park’s sheep’s meadow before, but it was actually so so so nice! It reminded me of the parks in SF, with lots of young people tanning, playing frisbee, chilling, drinking, and not crowded at all. We had a blast just being lazy and tanning it up.

Afterward, Richard proposed going to Shake Shack…umm YES. It had been over a year since I’d tasted a shack burger, and it totally hit the spot. FullSizeRender (26).jpg

Followed by biking back at sunset. Absolutely beautiful.

I’m so incredibly glad I got to spend a lot of this weekend with myself. I believe spending time alone should be prioritized just as highly as with loved ones! I’m learning more and more about myself every day, and I can’t begin to describe how much I appreciate every second of my alone time these days 🙂

Got lots to do and  look forward to this week…most of all leaving for MIAMI on Friday!!!


Week 3 of Triathlon Training:

Monday: 3 miles run

Tuesday: 3000m swim + 6 mile bike

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: 2250m swim + 5 mile bike

Friday: 3.5 mile run

Saturday: indoor triathlon + extra bike & run –> total roughly 10 mile bike + 5 mile run + 1250m swim

Sunday: 12 mile bike


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